Municipality: Elm

Much downhill riding with relatively little ascent in a high alpine ambience makes this tour an ideal weekend activity. Overnight stay possible in the small winter building of the Leglerhütte or during maintenance in the lodge itself.

Splitboard Skitour - Chli Chaerpf from Elm
Difficulty SAC: WS
Summit altitude: 2.700m
Start altitude: 2.100m
Vertical height: 1.110m
Walking time h:min: 5:00
Exposition: East,South,West,
Best season: Deep winter
How to get there:

Arrival by car to Elm. Parking is available in the ski area.
Alternatively by public transport to Glarus and then by bus to the Elm ski area.

Route description
Starting point:

Von der Talstation aus mit drei Liften bis zur Bergstation Pleus.


From the top station you climb the slope crosswise up to a steep ridge. From there the terrain flattens again and leads gently to Wildmad (gap). From there over gentle western slopes up to the west ridge of Vorderblistock and over to the summit. In good snow conditions you can also climb up to the summit with the board, otherwise you can carry it for a short time.

At the summit you can strap the board for downhill and ride over the south ridge till you reach the gap between Vorder- and Mittler Blistöck. From there further down the western slopes to a steep channel and through it to P. 1925.

Now switch back to the ascent mode and climb over the Sunnenbergfürggele to the Leglerhütte. The path is marked with poles.

From the hut, one bypasses the rock structure of the Chli Chärpf in southern direction and climbs a wide channel further up until one reaches the Chärpfscharte. There depot and with light luggage over the rock to the summit.


From the Chärpfscharte, keep continuously to the southeast past the Rotstock to the Obererbs ski hut. Then follow the hut track to Steinibach and back to Elm.

Observe game reserves!

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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