Municipality: Žirovnica

Nice south face to ski and an amazing view from the top. Steeper on the summit. Crampons and snow axes are a must.

Splitboard Skitour - Vrtača
Difficulty SAC: S
Summit altitude: 2.181m
Start altitude: 960m
Vertical height: 1.221m
Walking time h:min: 2:45
Exposition: South,
Best season: Late winter
How to get there:

Exit Jesenice Vzhod or Bled Lesce on the highway. Then go to Žirovnica

Route description
Starting point:

When in Žirovnica drive to Završnica. There is a dam for the hydroplant, pass the Zavrh Bar. Go as far as you can go on the gravel road. Then start skining or walking up.


First you follow a gravel road up to Koča pri izviru Završnice. There you turn north through the woods onto the south face. Pick your ascent carefully (see the pics for orientation) You do not want to get a dead end ;) Crampons and snow axes are a must. Once you get on the ridge you go to the big snow axe and a rope as a monument on the summit.


You can choose the way you came up or you can choose the south face. It is narrow at first but then it widens. Keep in mind, that you need to go east at the bottom of the face to get towards the Koča pri izviru Završnice.

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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