Municipality: Valsavarenche

Relaxed route to get to know the stunning area around Gran Paradiso and Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele. From the hut you hike up quite flat in the next valley south of Gran Paradiso. After some time walking it gets steeper and steeper and offers a great ride back to the Rifugio or to the Col Grant Etret. Also there are much less people than on the well know neighbor.

Splitboard Skitour - Tresenta
Difficulty SAC: ZS
Summit altitude: 3.363m
Start altitude: 2.731m
Vertical height: 630m
Walking time h:min: 2:15
Exposition: Nord,West,Nord-West,
Best season: Frühjahr
How to get there:

From Milano take the A5 into the Aosta Valley till exit Aosta Ouest / St. Pierre, then turn left and after 5km on the SS26 you'll reach the turnoff left to Valsavarenche. Now you go on for about 25km to the end of the road - Pont (1960m).  Here you find a guesthouse where you can have food before climbing.

From France:
You go through the Mt. Blanc Tunnel to the Aosta Valley and on just before Aosta. Take the exit  Aosta Ouest / St. Pierre (see above) or, if coming on the SS26, turn right to Valsavarenche.


Route description
Starting point:

Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele, 2731 Meter


From the hut you go right, into the southern valley and up to Moncorvé Glacier. Through hilly terrain in the middle of the steep walls of Becca Di Moncorvé and the morain, you hike up till you reach a little plateau at around 3100 meters. Here you decide if you want to go up to Tresenta, direction East and then South-East to the great peak slope. The other possibility is to go further south up to the Col di Moncorvé where you find on the left hand the "Eagle Owle Peak" (It is not the official name, but you will recognize if you see it). Opportunity Three is to do both at the same day, which is easily possible if you have the physical fitness.

If you made Col di Moncorvé (Uhu Peak) first, you can climb the West Face of Tresenta in Eastern direction.

With both variants you have to climb rocky terrain with your splitboard on the back, if you want to reach the top

Not to forget is the Col del Gran Paradiso, which is located directly south from Becca Di Moncorvé at 3345 Meter. From there you can,... well there are so many possibilities to explore the Gran Paradiso national park, just go and check it out.


From Tresenta same as ascent!

If you have been at "Eagle Owle (Uhu) Peak" you can cross the Moncorvé Glacier to get back to the hut, sure the crevasses should be closed and the conditions good. If you climb up the ridge to Ciarforon up to the rocks you will get a few meters more to descent.

See also our write up!


IGC 101, Gran Paradiso La Grivola Cogne 1:25000

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