The Hohen Tauern are divided into further sub groups, where each mountain group for its own is a splitboarding eldorado.
The highest peak of the Ankogel group is not the name giving Ankogel (3250m), but the Hochalmspitze (3360m). A good starting point for backcountry splitboard tours could be the area around Mallnitz in Kärnten.
The Glockner group consists of famous mountains like Großglockner (3798m) or Kitzsteinhorn (3203m). In this area Splitboarders find mainly demanding high alpine routes.
Also named Sonnblick Group, the Goldberg mountain group lies betweeen Kärnten and Salzburg in the eastern half of Hohen Tauern. The ski resort Mölltaler Gletscher may be well known to some people.
The Vendiger group is a part of the Hohe Tauern, too. Best known peak of the more than hundred three-Thousanders is Großvenediger with 3657 m. But there are many other backcountry destinations to be discoverd, too.
Other splitboard destinations counting to Hohen Tauern are: Kreuzeck-Gruppe, Schober-Gruppe and Granatspitzgruppe.

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