Exciting travel and expediton reports from countries like Japan, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Canada, Romania and many other interesting regions, anouncements of upcoming Splitboard trips where you can be part of and many many information, region portraits and infos and contacs to the local splitboard scene are found here in our section splitboard travel guidebook.

In 85 countries worldwide outdoor skiing on snow is possible.* At least theoretically.

In 2016, 66 countries of the world had at least one ski resort, that's nearly a third of all countries worldwide. Nearly 40 percent of all lifts and 35 percent of the ski resorts are situated in the Alps countries, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Remarkable is, that 85% out of the 44 major ski resorts worldwide, means those with more than 1 million visitors per winter season, are loacted in the Alps and a quarter of them actually within one single province, the ski touring paradise Tyrol.*
*2016 International report on mountain tourism - Laurent Vanat

The vast number of ski mountaineers should be similar, because without ski tourism and infrastructure like known from these regions, mountain, ski and splitboard tours quickly develop to significantly more demanding challenges, just think about the lack of avalanche reports, mountain rescue and the network of trails and mountain huts.

Nonetheless, because or by different reasons, other places, new discoveries, adventures and impressions are calling.

Snowy Road - Photo: Ben
Roadtrippin’ through Kyrgyzstan
01 March | Splitboard Story, Action Video
Bordering Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China, Kyrgyzstan is a welcoming oasis in a remote, always fascinating, sometimes volatile, and oftentimes misunderstood part of the world. Impressions of a three week splitboarding roadtrip.
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A street sourrounded by mountains
The first day of summer
21 December | Splitboard Story, Action Video
The wind is ferocious and I’m having to lean into it to stay upright. To my left the mountain falls away over exposed rocks and patches of ice towards a dark and turbulent sea far below. Splitboarding in Iceland - by and with Pete Coombs.
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No Pinetrees
A couple trip to Japan - it can be wonderful
22 November | Splitboard Story

A dream comes true, Andreas and his girlfriend fly over to Japan to splitboard the legendary "Japow", here the little write-up.

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The "Hotel" of 40 Tribes Backcountry
Into the Wild - Splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan
07 November | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Great Video inside! Beep-beep-beep. 6:45AM. My watch alarm chimes and it’s time to start the day. My senses start to wake as I can smell and hear the crackle of the hot fire. Splitboarding

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Heard Island - Image courtesy of NASA: ISS015-E-30781
Top Three Remote Islands in the Southern Oceans
26 June | Splitboard Story

Splitboard season is over in the northern hemisphere. If you couldn't catch enough snow or are not into surfing, usual locations for splitboarding on the southern hemisphere would be Chile or New Zealand. Here we present three more remote locations for real splitboard explorers.

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Flyer Longboard Classic Stuben
Peace & Music & Snow - Longboard Classic #18
08 April | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Legendary Oldschool - nearly 400 "somewhat crazy" snowboarders celebrated the roots of snowboarding in Stuben am Arlberg and completed a 1001 vertical meters backcountry race of the extra class.

Here comes our full report with many colorful pictures.

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Spines and bluesky
My Backyard - Splitboarding in Alaska
02 March | Splitboard Story

A trip to Ben Reynold's playground - his backyard in Chugach Mountains in southern Alaska. When the weather and snow align, it’s time to move!

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Splitboard Dizin
Splitboarding in Iran
23 February | Splitboard Story

Splitboarding in Iran three main questions to be answered - different than expected - maybe not?

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Freeride Expedition to Kazakhstan
08 January | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

If you draw a line on a world map between Kitzbühel in Austria and Niseko in Japan then Kazakhstan biggest city is located right in the middle. Almaty has a rich history of mountaineering and alpine skiing. Sebastian from roninsnowboards.com was exploring the Tian Shan Mountains in the Ile-Alatau National Park near Almaty last spring. Here is his report.

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