Municipality: Lenggries

3 summits trip with two ascents of the Schönberg (therefore for those who take it exactly 4 summits)
The skins should be well cared for due to repeated on and off skins.
Watch out for avalanche report and exposure! Tour covers almost all points of the compass. Safe conditions are necessary here.

Splitboard Skitour - Schoenberg Loop - Hochplatte - Seekarkreuz
Difficulty SAC: ZS
Summit altitude: 1.620m
Start altitude: 720m
Vertical height: 1.750m
Walking time h:min: 7:00
Exposition: Nord-Ost,Ost,Süd-Ost,
Best season: Hochwinter
How to get there:

Coming from Munich via the A8 to exit Holzkirchen. Continue to Bad-Tölz and follow the expressway in the direction of Lenggries - Sylvenstein Stausee. In the village of Fleck (attention: here you can see flashes of lightning ;) turn left at the bakery in the village towards the hiking car park.

Route description
Starting point:

Hiking car park Fleck


From the hiking car park, follow the forest road towards Berg and after a few hundred metres, take the turnoff to the left, always following the signs for Schönberg Marie-Eck. The hiking trail 624 branches off at a fork after the signs of the natural monument and leads through the forest to the first cliffs of the Schönberg Ridge. There you hold your right hand, the passage through the rock to the summit slope is mostly tracked and thus easy to find (without a trace it could be tricky..... but with the frequency of the Schönberg's ascent, this will hardly happen to you.
Arrived at the peak of the Schönberg, the first rebuild takes place and the actual tour begins. see departure 1-

From Amperthalalm is skinning up again and one follows the forest road to the east with a view of Hochplatte. After approx. 200m ascent you reach the summit and return to Ride mode. see departure 2-

After skinning up number 3 one climbs up into the forest to the north in order to master the approx. 400m to the Seekarkreuz. Here you will quickly come across a footpath that you only follow for a short time before leaving the forest in the direction of north. From here you have a view of the Seekarkreuz and follow the eastern ascent track over the eastern summit ridge to the summit. Ride mode and straight into descent number 4 - see descent 4 -

For the last time, one starts skinning at Rauhalm and climbs south-west towards Schönberg. Here the winter prohibition of entry is to be observed, but an ascent via Zinnerleite towards Maria-Eck is possible with a good choice of route. After the ridge of the Zinnerleite you keep to the right and after a short traverse with skins you reach the ascent track to Schönberg. At the summit it's called "last rebuilding" and we start our descent from Schönberg.


Descent 1:
The downhill run from Schönberg to the east to the Amperthalalm is a wonderfully open slope with numerous options for line choice, the alpine pasture is always well visible in the valley.

Descent 2:
Actually one would like to ride through the forest of the northern slope of the Hochplatte, unfortunately there is a prohibition of entry here in winter and one has to traverse first to the left to the west up to the edge of the forest and then follow the free areas until the stream in the valley.

Descent 3:
The descent from the Seekarkreuz is well visible all the time and the S-E to S-W slope has several possibilities.

Descent 4:
The descent from Schönberg leads from the summit first to the west and then follows the open spaces northwards down to a forest edge where you find the ascent track. Now follow the ascent track until you reach the forest road. At the natural monument you can take another shortcut via open meadows. However, one should already be armed with sticks at natural monument in order to be able to pass the sliding passage to the parking lot with momentum.


BY13 Alpenvereinskarte Mangfallgebirge-West Tegernseer Hirschberg

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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    Date of Tour: 28. January 2017 - 0:00
    Group Size: 5 Teilnehmer
    Kind of Tour: SplitboardTourenski
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: Sharks
    Comment / Trip report:

    oben noch Top Verhältnisse inkl. Powder.
    Abfahrt vom Schönberg ins Tal ist nur mit Steinbrett noch ohne Gewissensbisse drin.

    Traumhaft waren der größte Oberflächenreif den ich je gesehen habe..... ACHTUNG .... aber es soll ja eh nicht so schnell schneien.