Municipality: Ettal

Fantastic, steep Splitboard route in the Ammergauer Alps. With great panoramic views and a classy downhill. Only for experienced Splitboarders and with safe conditions.

Splitboard Skitour - Ammergauer Kreuzspitze
Difficulty SAC: ZS
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Summit altitude: 2.184m
Start altitude: 1.035m
Vertical height: 1.149m
Walking time h:min: 3:00
Exposition: North,Northeast,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

A96 motorway Munich-Garmisch and then on the B2 to Oberau where you turn right onto B23 to Schloß Linderhof/Reutte. Shortly after Ettal turn left and via Graswang to Linderhof. Approx. 6km after Linderhof you can park at the roadside. Starting point is directly after the sign "Grenze 1km".

Route description
Starting point:

Graswangtal at the road between Linderhof and Ammerwald. You can paark between the avalanche gate and the sign "Grenze 1km" at the roadside. You miight have spotted the steep cwm already. Most times there are some cars parked there (directly after the sign "Grenze 1km").


After parking your car you cross the guardrail and descend (already in split-mode) a few meters down to the stream bed (Neualpgris) and cross the stream at an appropriate spot. Now you can already see the middle-steep cwm (foothill of Hochgrieskar) and you can start to hike up, in the beginning through sparse forest till you reach a forest clearing. You follow the clearing until just before a prominent rock face (1500m). Here you turn to the right (West) to the wonderful steep slope of your later descent.
It goes up with many kick-turns till you reach the end of the cwm. About 50 meters before the end you exit the cwm to the right to a col and then left along the alpine-pine covered ridge steep on to Schwarzköpfl (1895m).
Those who are only here for the fat downhill can take a break here and prepare for the descent (there is a nice channel). Those who want to take the summit of Kreuzspitze, continue on the ridge with safe distance to the cornices. The summit can already be seen (not worthwhile for downhill). Anyway, if you want to go up you continue to the East (slightly right of the ridge) and climb the Ammergauer Kreuzspitze on steep cliffy terrain. The final is a not too demanding snowy edge to the exposed and view rich summit.


Along the ascent route. However you can enter the slope through a channel (approx. 45°) from Schwarzenköpfl).


Kompass Karte 05: Oberammergau / Ammertal, 1:35.000

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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  • 16. December 2013 - 19:07 Log in or sign up to post comments.
    Date of Tour: 16. December 2013
    Group Size: Duo
    Kind of Tour: SplitboardTourenski
    Avalanche Warning Level: 1
    Tourenverhältnisse 16.12.13
    Comment / Trip report:

    Nachdem im Ammerwald (oder kurz davor) doch deutlich mehr Schnee lag als rund um Garmisch, begannen wir den Aufstieg nach Durchqueren des Flussbetts in 30-40cm hohem Pulver.
    Als im Ausläufer des Hochgrieskars der Wald immer lichter wurde, war leider auch der Schnee immer stärker von Steinen und Felsen durchsetzt. Als wir auf knapp 1450 Metern den Steilhang zum Schwarzenköpfel einsehen konnten, der ebenfalls stark von Steinen durchsetzt war, beschlossen wir, wieder abzusteigen. Trotz bis zu 50cm hohem Pulverschnee wäre eine Abfahrt nur mit massivem Steinkontakt möglich gewesen.