Municipality: Matrei am Brenner
Good steep splitboard / ski tour to one of the most prominent peaks of Innsbruck, early getting up is necessary due to the exposure (we stopped 50m before the summit to reach the valley safely). The descent is somewhat tricky through the rock band. Make sure to remember where the passage is during the ascent, otherwise you will be standing on the rock band,....
Splitboard Skitour - Serles
Difficulty SAC: S
Summit altitude: 2.717m
Start altitude: 1.558m
Vertical height: 1.159m
Walking time h:min: 3:30
Exposition: Ost,Süd,
Best season: Frühjahr
How to get there: A 13 to Matrei, then up to the monastery Maria Waldrast up to 1558m, park here.
Route description
Starting point:

Ochsenalm 1558m

Ascent: From the car park we carry the Splitboards / skis in good old ski touring manner (splitboards are in hike mode) over a small peak up to the Ochsenalm (1558m) which we pass on the right. In the valley floor we go in discreet gradient up to a height of approx. 1750m. Here we turn right (north-west) and climb up to a hollow below the Serlesjöchl. Here we start to look for the passage in the rock belt. As soon as we have found it,  we memorize exactly how to get there from above. In case of uncertainty it is better to make the descent along the ascent track. Now it's a bit steeper and we reach the Serlesjöchl (2384m).
Now comes the key point (in summer you sometimes have to queue up in good weather, or climb the steep slope to the right of it) an secured gully (max. 5hm), which, due to its sunny position, is free of snow early and usually offers no difficulties. The splitboards / ski touring skis are shouldered here for a short time, then we can climb steeply over the south-west ridge and reach the summit of the Serles 2717m at 11.00 a. m. at the latest (obviously depends on the warming of the day).
Descent: Along the ascent track or directly south.
Be careful with the rock band, the passage is not easy to find from above and the south flank is so steep (approx. 40 °) that one does not want to unbuckle above the rock face to reach the passage.

Kompass Karte WK36: Innsbruck, Brenner: Wandern / Rad / Skitouren. 1:50.000
Alpenvereinskarte 31/5 Innsbruck und Umgebung 1 : 50 000 Topographische Karte

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