Municipality: Gramais

The Schafkar is the ski touring and maybe soon also the Splitboard classic in the Lechtaler Alps. Contrary to most of the tours in the Lechtal, you don't have to cope with a long valley-hike and thanks to the shady location you will still find a spot of powder!

Splitboard Skitour - Schafkar
Difficulty SAC: ZS
Summit altitude: 2.311m
Start altitude: 1.300m
Vertical height: 1.050m
Walking time h:min: 2:30
Exposition: Nord,Nord-Ost,Ost,
Best season: Ganzer Winter
How to get there:

Lechtal Straße coming from Reutte or Warth drive to Häselgehr. At the Lech bridge, turn off towards Gramais and follow the Gramaiser Straße until you reach Gramais.

Route description
Starting point:

A little before Gramais, shortly after the last avalanche gallery, turn right and drive down to the Otterbach creek and park in front of the bridge. In spring the road is sometimes closed due to avalanches, then you can park directly at the road after the gallery or in Gramais at the Gasthof Alpenrose. A short uphill climb back to the car is then inevitable after the tour.


We cross the bridge and climb along the forest road in a moderate gradient, first heading west, then above the Schafkarbach to the south until the valley forks up.
Here we admire briefly the imposing Zwickspitze, which should have been in Alaska and then keep left along the Schafkarbach until it branches off into a gorge. Now it becomes the first time steep, it goes quite hard in hairpins (thanks to the worn out track) over a steep lane through the mountain pines, until shortly under the rocks. Afterwards we cross the north-west slopes in the upper part until we reach a hollow below another steep step.
Here there would be the possibility to turn off to the right to the small Schafkarspitze, but we continue in the direction of Schafkar and climb the steep step in a long left arch until we reach again the flatter terrain.
We continue on over beautiful, hilly terrain towards the striking Große Schafkarspitze, where a lot of kickers were built in the wild "Freestyler" times.
We reach the south-east-facing summit slope and overcome it on a small ridge until we reach a gap and soon afterwards the summit. The Sattele is not really a summit at all, as it does not stand out too much from the Große Schafkar Spitze. Unfortunately, this also demands most of the January sunshine for itself, so let's stay only for a short time on the Sattele and prepare for the descent!


Thanks to the low-level avalanche situation, we are able to ride on the summit slope in direct line, unfortunately the slope already has a light icy lid due to the sun.
In the following flat piece there are several possibilities.
Either the standard descent along the ascent lane over the hilly terrain or directly to the north down the open slopes until shortly before the steep step.
From the steep step we depart along the ascent track. Be careful when traversing the mountain pine slope, make sure to cross along the ascent track and ride through the lane, otherwise you will end miserably in the mountain pine labyrinth. Only when there is a lot of snow this slope can be ridden directly.
After the mountain pine slope the most fun part of the tour arrives, until the forest path you ride through a kind of mini fun park. Back on the forest road we ride quite comfortably to the parking lot and afterwards we enjoy a well-deserved cold drink in the Gasthaus Alpenrose in Gramais.


2/2 Allgäuer-Lechtaler Alpen, östliches Blatt
3/3 Lechtaler Alpen, Parseierspitze

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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    Date of Tour: 4. February 2018 - 0:00
    Group Size: 4 Teilnehmer
    Kind of Tour: SplitboardTourenski
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: gering/mäßig
    Comment / Trip report:

    Super Verhältnisse im Schafkar! Latschen in der Steilstufe komplett unter der Schneedecke begraben. Oberhalb von 1800m in Hängen ohne Sonneneinstrahlung gab's 15-20cm super Powder ohne Windeinfluss. Unterhalb von 1800m und in Hängen mit Sonneneinstrahlung war oft eine unangenehme eisige Schneeschicht darunter. In den Lechtalern hat es diese Jahr endlich mal wieder eine ausreichende Schneelage! Südseitig waren allerdings viele und große Gleitschneemäuler zu sehen!