Splitboard / ski tour with scenic highlights, possibility to cross over to the Potsdamer Hütte, or vice versa. The ascent to the summit is somewhat flat and unfortunately often blown away. Towards the north-west there is a great chute.

Splitboard Skitour - Roter Kogel (West)
Difficulty SAC: WS
Summit altitude: 2.834m
Start altitude: 1.594m
Vertical height: 1.250m
Walking time h:min: 3:30
Exposition: North,West,Northwest,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

Take the A12 motorway to the Kematen exit, then follow the signs for Kühtai. In Gries im Sellrain turn left towards Praxmar. Follow the road to the bridge where you go to Lüsens or Praxmar, turn left here and drive up to the small car park, where you go through the forest up to the Roter Kogel.

Route description
Starting point:

A bit ahead of Lüsens, just behind the bridge, at a small house and parking lot. Sometimes there are traces of Spitboarders or ski tourers.


The Splitboards mounted, we start by climbing through the forest along the summer path, until we reach the Gallwieser Alm approx. 1750m with hunting lodge. We are quiet and respectful with the game, which is often close to the alpine pasture.
Now it goes to the left in direction north-east, further on to the Aflinger Alm 1816m. Leaving the alpine pasture area we reach with appropriate snow situation, in beautifully cropped split board / ski touring terrain. At approx. 2350m we make a long right turn towards the southeast, which we turn to the left, leaving Sömen on the left, to the summit, at the end flat, heading south. If the snow conditions or the danger of avalanches do not allow us to follow the direct route, we can also set the track to suit snow conditions in long crossings above the visible "steps". The ascent time is extended accordingly. But we'd rather go a little longer and be safer. The route is mostly tracked.

One more hint, if it looks like little snow, then there is also little snow, the light hollows and channels are usually not filled with enough snow, watch out with new equipment. In such a case, however, there are still the Lampsen, or the Zischgeles as alternatives.


Like ascent, or crossing to the Potsdamer Hütte to the east (which offers a good base for multi-day splitboard / ski tours). It is also possible to ride with the splitboards to Bergheim/Fotsch and then return to the starting point by bus or a second car.


Alpenvereinskarte 31/2 Stubaier Alpen Sellrain 1 : 25 000 Topographische Karte

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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