Beautiful but somewhat extreme splitboard / ski tour in the touring region Sellrain. Gorgeous chute up to 45 degrees on the north side. The conditions must be absolutely safe for this splitboard / ski tour, also the ascent is not easy, because you have to climb in order to get into the chute at the summit of Oberstkogel (II. to III. degree).

Splitboard Skitour - Oberstkogel
Difficulty SAC: S
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Summit altitude: 2.767m
Start altitude: 1.692m
Vertical height: 1.025m
Walking time h:min: 3:30
Exposition: North,Northeast,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

Take the A12 motorway to the Kematen exit, then follow the signs for Kühtai. In Gries im Sellrain turn left towards Praxmar until you reach the parking lot at the Gasthof Praxmar (fee required).

Route description
Starting point:

Parking at the Praxmar inn, the same starting point as Zischgeles and Lampsenspitze. Here you will also meet a lot of ski tourers and some less common splitboarders.


After we have set up our splitboards, switched on the LVS device and checked our gear, we head south on the track prepared by the snowcat This is the same route at the beginning as to Zischgeles. Through the beautiful splitboard terrain we follow the ascent to the west-south-west, which is mostly already tracked by ski touring friends.
On the left side (direction south) we already see our descent, the beautiful S-shaped channel from Oberstkogel. We take out the binoculars to assess the snow conditions from a distance as good as possible. Then we continue in the direction of Zischgeles.
At about 2500 m we turn south and go into mostly untouched steep terrain. In many kickturns we continue heading south, until we reach a plateau, then we head east to the summit. (Variant: We continue in the direction of Zischgeles, when we have reached the ridge (approx. 2800m) we walk on to the east, until we reach the summit after a short climb.


Like ascent or through the S-shaped channel. Careful, only with very strong driving skills, good orientation and absolutely safe conditions.

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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    1. March 2012 - 12:44 Log in or sign up to post comments.
    Date of Tour: 29. February 2012
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 3
    Comment / Trip report:

    Wir sind am, 29.2.2012 unterwegs zum Oberstkogel gewesen, da wir doch recht spät unterwegs waren und der Schnee extrem schwer, bei fast 10 Grad auf 2000m war, haben wir uns entschieden ca. 200 hm vor dem Rücken auf 2600m unzudrehen und die sichere Variante zu fahren. Fast hätten wir die Stöcke ausgepackt, da mit unserem "Winterwachs" und den Temperaturen eine Geschwindigkeit von ca 10 kmH das Maximum war.
    Trotzdem hatten wir viel Spaß bei dieser Splitboard Tour, da es solche Schneeverhältnisse doch selten gibt.

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      Berta Auth_Gast (not verified)
      24. March 2012 - 20:59 Log in or sign up to post comments.
      Comment / Trip report:

      haha, falsches Wax

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        29. March 2012 - 11:09 Log in or sign up to post comments.
        Comment / Trip report:

        Stimmt ich hätte das gute, alltemperature von Holmenkohl (Natural Wax Fluid) verwenden sollen. ist natürlich biologisch abbaubar und aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen.