Municipality: Scharnitz

Typical Karwendel tour into the beautiful valley basin of the Eppzirler Alm. Medium-long, flat approach through the Giessenbachklamm gorge. Short counter ascent in the Eppzirler Alm area. Up to 40° steep ascent to the saddle. Safe conditions necessary!

For summit ambitions easy climbing over a rugged ridge.

In the valley basin of the Eppzirler Alm you will find several challenging but very beautiful tour destinations. Samstagkarscharte - Eppzirler Scharte - Kuhlochscharte - Wibmerscharte. All with around 500 - 600hm dream descents in 30 - 40° steep terrain.

Splitboard Skitour - Kuhlochscharte (-spitze)
Difficulty SAC: ZS
Summit altitude: 2.171m
Start altitude: 960m
Vertical height: 1.200m
Walking time h:min: 3:30
Exposition: North,Northeast,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

Take the B2 via Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald to Scharnitz. Continue towards Innsbruck and in the first village after Scharnitz (Gießenbach), take the first left towards the railway station. Do not turn right to the station (stop) ÖBB, but continue over the railway tracks - park there.

Route description
Starting point:

Parking at the railway crossing to Gießenbachklamm


From the car park (picture 1) we follow the gently ascending path into the Gießenbachklamm (picture 2). At the end of the gorge, the path to the Eppzirler Alm branches off to the right (picture 3). We follow this path - now getting a little steeper - into the beautiful high forest. The first foothills of the valley basin are reached. After the basin opens up in front of us, we follow the path to the Eppzirler Alm, slightly losing height. On this section we see our destination several times (mostly in the middle of picture 4 + 5 + 10) in front of us. The peak on the left above is the Kuhlochspitze.

During a short break on the Eppzirler Alm (not serviced in winter), you can have a look at the impressive surroundings. Around you there are some very nice touring possibilities. On the far left (not directly visible from the alpine pasture but only 500 m as the crow flies) the Samstagskarscharte. A northwest facing dream slope 35°, 600hm. Unfortunately the ascent through the steep slopes on the left and right is endangered by avalanches. Had therefore aborted the tour at 2/3 height, this year. To the right of it (roughly towards the left end of the valley - visible) the Eppzirler Scharte - there you have the possibility of crossing to the Solsteinhaus. Further to the right is the Kuhlochscharte - our destination for the day and from the alpine pasture on the right (NE direction) the Wibmerscharte. You can connect these with each other, but there are some meters of altitude difference...a bivouac in the area of the alpine pasture should be considered.

Continue on to the ascent...

After passing the Eppzirler Alm, we follow the path - to the left of an artificial avalanche channel - further south towards the end of the valley. The steep step (photo 6) with its mountain pines blocking the path is best overcome in the left third. It depends on how well the mountain pines are snowed in.

After the terrain has flattened out a bit, we see the Eppzirler Scharte on the left side above, if you like you can turn off and take the 300m with you. We keep to the right towards a narrow passage (photo 7), where the terrain is again becoming a bit steeper. After passing this point the terrain opens up again and you are in the upper Kuhloch, where the sun is already blinking in from the south at 11 am in March (picture 8). The terrain now becomes steeper up to 40° again. In case of hard conditions, it is recommended to use crampons, climbing up to the embrasure which is soon visible on the left side.

At the top, there is a wonderful view of the Inn valley and the main Alpine ridge. If you like, you can climb to the top of the Kuhlochspitze by foot (over a ridge and rugged terrain - photo 9).


like ascent


Alpenvereinskarte Karwendelgebirge 5/1 - Westliches Blatt 1:25.000

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