Municipality: Berwang

Easy - avalanche safe tour - with nice resting place

Splitboard Skitour - Galtjoch
Difficulty SAC: L
Summit altitude: 2.110m
Start altitude: 1.150m
Vertical height: 950m
Walking time h:min: 2:30
Exposition: Nord-Ost,Ost,
Best season: Ganzer Winter
How to get there:

From the Fernpass road in Bichlbach turn off to Berwang. Follow the pass road (be careful to pack snow chains in case of snowfalls - I got stuck there) to Berwang. Follow the road through the village to Rinnen.

Route description
Starting point:

1st option:

After reaching Rinnen, turn right at a hotel (the only option before the first left turn) and follow the road downhill to Rauth (again good winter tyres or snow chains 14%). Park there!

2. option (if parking space at the bottom is occupied or the tyres do not fit):

In Rinnen follow the main road around this left turn and approx. 100m after the village sign turn left into a parking bay. 50 m on the road back and ride down over stepped terrain into the Rotlechtal to Rauth.


In Rauth, follow the flat road south. Over a bridge and further uphill to the mountain pasture settlement Rotbach. There steeper over the meadow, which shortens the turn of the drive path. When we meet it again, a few metres northwards until the signposted ascent (red-white) branches off to the left at a stream.
Now it goes uphill in different steepness through light mountain forest. We cross the next road again and reach a young forest. There turn left over a deforested area uphill until we reach another track. We follow it to the right - around the next hairpin bend - then after approx. 30m (at a stream) turn right again (markings) through highland forest to the Ehenbichler Alm. We leave it on the right and continue in southwest direction.
After a light steep step we reach the open terrain. There we ascend towards the already visible north-east ridge from the Galtjoch. Follow the ridge to the summit.


Descent like ascent.

Option: ride from the summit down over the southern ridge into the Rotbach valley. Option of the Raaz-Galtalpe ascent to Steinkarspitze.

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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    Date of Tour: 3. December 2017 - 0:00
    Group Size: 4 Teilnehmer
    Kind of Tour: SplitboardTourenski
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: Triebschnee
    Comment / Trip report:

    Top Verhältnisse ... wir sind über den S-O Kessel ab gefahren und konnten am Weg bis ins Tal fast ohne Bodenkontakt unterwegs sein.

    Reifbildung über 1500m ist für die nächsten Schneefälle zu beachten.