Municipality: Mayrhofen

Long, rather lonely tour with great summit and great downhill runs.

Splitboard Skitour - Ahornspitze
Difficulty SAC: S
Summit altitude: 2.973m
Start altitude: 700m
Vertical height: 2.300m
Walking time h:min: 8:00+
Exposition: North,West,Northwest,
Best season: Late winter
How to get there:

By car or public transport to Jenbach im Inntal (via Innsbruck or Kufstein) and then to Mayrhofen in the Zillertal.

Route description
Starting point:

Car park of the Ahornbahn in Mayrhofen (15, - EUR per day, if not validated with lift ticket)


From the car park, follow the road uphill to the toll booth and turn left. Soon you leave the inhabited area and cross a bridge. Shortly after that, the footpath bends to the inn Alpenrose. See also hiking trail signpost (Alpenrose, Edelhütte...).

Follow the footpath for about 700m to the inn. The skis or splitboards can also be used in snowy conditions. Otherwise, you'll have to carry them first.

From the inn you follow a forest road up the valley, which makes it much easier to get ahead. It ends at about 1600 meters above sea level at the hunter's cabin Mitterleger. Now it is best to keep to the right near the steep forest slopes, as the further path tends to be flatter. In the zigzag, one reaches a plateau from where one passes the alternative approaches from the Ahorn mountain station (summer path in the steep forest slope and steep channel from Filzenkogel). However, you should only choose this one in good avalanche conditions, as the terrain is quite steep and dangerous for avalanches.

In a wide left-hand bend you keep to the edge of the ridge walls (on the right of the track) until you reach Fellenbergkar. Through this path you finally reach the summit ridge (signpost). Be careful also at the last part up to the ridge, because the terrain becomes steeper again.

Afterwards in a quite simple climbing you followthe ridge to the top of the ski summit. The side peak with the summit cross can be reached by a narrow, exposed ridge and can also be climbed with the appropriate experience.

This tour is officially considered to be an high-alpine tour, even if there is no danger of crevassing.
In case of icing, crampons on the ridge may be urgently necessary. In case of high snowfall you can also dig through deep hip snow at the summit. Under circumstances, a simple touring ice pick is also helpful.


The descent takes place along the access path, where the wide terrain often invites you to play around.

A more extreme variation is the summit couloir between the two peaks, which is visible from a distance. The upper part of the wall is mostly strongly interspersed with rock and the wall itself is also about 45° steep.

If you like, you can also traverse and hike up to the Ahorn mountain station again, at an altitude of about 2000m via the Sommerweg and descend the piste.

From the Alpenrose Inn you can also follow the road to the valley. However, this one ends about 5km away from Mayrhofen, which requires a second car.

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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    10. February 2017 - 13:01 Log in or sign up to post comments.
    Date of Tour: 3. February 2017
    Group Size: Duo
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 3
    Risk potential: Bei passiver Spuranlage keine größeren Gefahren. Lediglich der Hang zum Sattel sowie der Gipfelanstieg waren mit >35° sehr vorsichtig zu begehen. Dort oben war der Schnee allerdings bereits stark komprimiert und kaum Triebschnee vorhanden (der lag entsprechend unterhalb des Kamms). Bei Quereinstieg von der Bergstation Ahorn: Bis zu 40° Hänge (kurz bzw. traversierend). Nur bei entsprechender Schneelage begehen!
    Comment / Trip report:

    Bis etwa 1400Hm (Ende Wanderweg) nahezu kein begehbarer Schnee = tragen

    Von 1400Hm bis 2000Hm dicker, schwerer Pappschnee mit teilweise dünner Auflage. Achtung vor versteckten Steinen bei der Abfahrt. Sehr unangenehm zu befahren. Fühlt sich an wie auf Schienen... Turns wurden fast ausschließlich gesprungen.

    2000Hm bis 2400Hm Bruchharsch = anstrengend aber okay

    2400Hm - 2600Hm Triebschnee = geil!!!

    Oberhalb 2600Hm meist windgepresster Schnee. Sehr hart mit nur ganz feiner Triebschneeauflage.

    Zusammenfassung: Die 200Hm mit guten Bedingungen waren diese Gewalttour nur bedingt wert... Der Gipfelgrat hat jedoch auch viel Spaß gemacht.
    Die Tour ist zu dieser Jahreszeit noch fast gar nicht begangen, was meist zum Selberspuren zwingt.

    Weitere Fotos siehe auch Tourenbeschreibung.