LWD Tirol
Municipality: Kühtai

Short, crispy splitboard / backcountry hike ( if abbreviated with the cable car) with an excellent descent only for experienced riders and days of safe snow conditions. Backcountry skiiers often climb down the first 50 meters of the steep channel. ;-).

Splitboard Skitour - Gaiskogel
Difficulty SAC: S
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Summit altitude: 2.820m
Start altitude: 2.000m
Vertical height: 820m
Walking time h:min: 2:00
Exposition: North,East,
Best season: Late winter
How to get there:

On the A12 exit Kematen, than direction Kühtai, past the galleries, where you might see many cars belonging to ski mountaineers. In the village Kühtai there are enough parking spaces, the best choice is a carpark near the Gaiskogellift.

Route description
Starting point:

Gaiskogellift or Drei Seen Lift, (you can get a special ticket for ski mountaineering at quite a good rate)


On the slopes we hike along the Gaiskogellift, when we have reached the top station, we already see the mountain station of the Drei Seen Lift. We keep slightly to the right and walk in the direction of the  mountain station of the second lift. Once here we can already see the steep ascent to the Gaiskogel Sattel. This is where the real splitboard / backcountry-feeling begins. We go to the east, up to the steep slope reaching the Gaiskogel Sattel. If we have achieved this, depending to the  snow conditions we can walk up a little further. If the Terrain is getting to steep for hiking, we mount our splitboards or skies on the backpack and go on to the summit of the Gaiskogel. We check the conditions, have a breake, some food and decide if we can make the descent to the north or not.


If we are really good snowboard riders  and the conditions (snow, visibility, temperature, avalanche danger, riding skills, ...) fit, we can make the really racy Northface. It begins in an extremely steep and narrow chute (50 meters) and  than opens up a in a wide Kar, in which we hold ourselves riding more to the left. We ride through great splitboard / backcountra area, steep enough for having goood fun. At about 2300m, shortly before the middle ridge we introduce a slight turn to the right and ride directly into the Außer Hirschebenen. Here, we just follow our nose until we reach the river. Near the river you can find a bridge, you cross it and you are back to civilasation. Getting back to Kühtai you have several possibilities: Hitch-Hiking up is a good one. Walking down to Haggen and catch a bus is not bad but you need time.


AV Karte: 31/2 Stubaier Alpen / Sellrain 1:25.000

Ascent route map (show/hide)

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  • 1. April 2014 - 10:54 Log in or sign up to post comments.
    Date of Tour: 29. March 2014
    Group Size: Duo
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: Anstieg der Lawinengefahr im Tagesverlauf
    Rückmeldung vom Nachbargipfel
    Comment / Trip report:

    Waren auf einen unbedeutenden Nachbbar-Gipfel unterwegs. Die Bedingungen dort im Bereich über 2000m waren noch recht gut und in schattigen Lagen auch durchaus noch mit Pulver gesegnet.

    Die Ausfahrt vom Gaiskogel bedarf allerdings mittlerweile etwas gespühr für die richtige Line da hier die Schneedecke langsam nur noch aus Flecken besteht.

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    Date of Tour: 1. March 2014
    Group Size: Duo
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: Gleitschneelawinen in Sonnenbeeinflussten Lagen (nicht relevant)
    01.03.2014_Top Verhältnisse
    Comment / Trip report:

    Wir sind mit Liftunterstützung am späten Vormittag gen Gipfel aufgebrochen. Verhältnisse waren zum Aufstieg gut und der Aufstieg von der Scharte zum Gipfel war anscheinend fast zur hälfte mit Ski begehbar.... wir mussten allerdings Tragen da die Felle unserer Splitboards nicht mehr mit gespielt haben.

    Die Abfahrt durch die Rinne gen N-NO war schon sehr zerfahren .... allerdings konnten wir unterhalb der Rinne noch gute Hänge mit ausreichendem unverspurtem Tiegschnee finden.