27. April 2013    
Voile launched new branding System and Logos. Now the Splitboards and Skis are better combined than ever.

Voilé Manufacturing has been making durable lightweight backcountry equipment for over 30 years. After practically inventing the modern splitboard in 1995, Voilé has spent the past two decades perfecting, progressing, and promoting the sport of big mountain backcountry skiing and snowboarding (splitboarding).

After years of defining and refining the backcountry skiing and splitboarding industry, Voilé is finally doing the same for its brand identity. The new primary and secondary logos, designed by Salt Lake design company Infinite Scale, updates and simplifies Voilé’s look, providing a cohesive branding system for use on everything from topsheets to print ads. “This represents a unification of the skiing and splitboarding sides of Voilé,” said Dave Grissom, Marketing Director at Voilé, “while still keeping the soul of the company firmly in the backcountry, where it belongs.”

New Voile Branding


Since 1980 Voile produced ski equipment in Salt Lake City. Mid-90s, they have the first "Do it Yourself Splitkit" brought to the market, patented it and began to distribute it worldwide. This is often called the birth of the splitboarding. Although there were hobbyists in other countries who have built their own touring snowboards (splitboard prototypes). Check out the Voile Splitboard models here, the new models will be online soon.