20. March 2018    
This season, we had a chance to chat with three world class big mountain snowboarders. It all began pretty spontaneously as we met Travis Rice at Stubai Glacier..

With his new movie "Depth Perception" Travis was touring here through good old Europe and so we set up an interview after the film premiere in Munich. Because in his movie, Travis and his friends were riding at places with thousands of years old trees and we were just beside the hundreds of years old Sendlinger Tor in Munich, we got the link and a pretty cool location for our interview.

As every year we went to ISPO in February and luckily we could ask the same questions to Xavier and Jeremy who were around. Hence our little interview series was complete. Our questions were about splitboarding life, their approach to the mountains and how to deal with pressure, danger and their goals to achieve. So these interviews offer a broad range of wisdom on how to approach mountains with the right mindset and it is fascinating and compelling to hear the different perspectives.

Years ago we interviewed Xavier and Jeremy about avalanche safety and back then their answers were very well-thought and gave us very interesting insights into their strategies to minimize risk. Now with this new interview series their thoughts on the same topics became even more mature and elaborated.

Here is the first part of our little interview series. We start with Travis Rice talking about his movie:


and continue with his approach to alpine danger and avalanche risk management:


Many thanks to Jeremy, Travis, and Xavier, who took the time to answer our questions besides the busy film premieres and ISPO trade show!

Here part two.