12. October 2017    

Joy or agony of choice. Imagine your winter would be an endless splitboard testival, every winter a single testival with new and better material. Dream or battle of material?
The pictures reflect moments of our pure splitboard feeling, enjoy!

You may have wondered where our Splitboarding Selection Test of this year remains. It's still exciting, because four boards have to be put to the test again and the opportunities are still rare.

In the meantime, however, we can let another "cat out of the bag", the answer to the frequently asked question: "Which setup are you from splitboarding.eu using privately or what would you buy?

The reality is, we are always on test boards and this is sometimes a bit exhausting. Soul Selection Badge 17-18
It would be nice to just get your beloved board out of the basement, strap it on and go. But we reassemble the bindings and adjust the boards each time. Thanks to clever interfaces, this makes less and less effort, but it's not always fun. Then we readjust again and we can start. This is the battle of materials and equipment we have to face with every time on the mountain.

And then there are setups that we had for a long time in the test, the ones we only need to get out of the basement and we can trust immediately. Some of them we use only two days, but this is every season a new and exciting experience. If we can see that our feedback has been accepted and further optimizations have been made, this is especially nice.
That's the joy, our soul collection. Products with which we associate more than objective test results and which do not necessarily have to be the "best product on the market", but which allow us to experience the greatest times and pure splitboard feeling. Are these cold products or was a soul "breathed into" them?

Hochalpiner Spaß mit dem Amplid Miligram

  • Amplid Miligram with Spark Arc
    A light setup for optimized indulgence lazy pleasures as well as for demanding alpine touring. So universal that you don't really need anything else.
    Amplid is also at home in our Bavarian home turf and the founder Peter Bauer has been a name and inspiration since our snowboarding youth. The short communication channels allow direct feedback and the rapid implementation of ideas and experience. A little further afield, but equally innovative and receptive to praise and criticism, Spark R&D is not the only one whose splitboard bindings leave us with no grief when it comes to splitting, nor do they bother us when it comes to mounting. Adjusted slided on and off we go - oh the pucks were too close together and the binding wiggles a little bit. We should have used the spacer which had been in the package ; -).
  • Splitsticks Slasher complete set
    A brilliantly simple and super stable binding system on a really hard camber board.
    "Everything on the market is kind of shitty, so I built for myself and my peer group something." It sounded something like this when we were the first "journalists" to visit Mr. V in Innsbruck in 2012 and marvelled at his work. At a time when rockerboards were hyped the board was already a joy and it is still today, not to mention the binding and its slumbering development potential. The decision to start by placing an insert pattern of one's own was, as expected, undisputed to be an obstacle to the market. It's a pity, because we have not yet been able to make friends with the successor offered by Union, which is now market-compatible.

Splitsticking at its finest

  • Plum Talps with Plum Binding
    A setup that asks the user to do a few skills, but then shows what he or she has to do, Plum di Woom good memoriesTripple Power Splitboarding
    This applies equally to the board (also known as DickStick in insider circles) and the binding, both of which are the creations of our friend Tal. As a shepherd in the vastness of the French mountains, he drew his bond and developed the first model in his head. After meeting with the creators of Plum, he was introduced to the world of production and, together with Plum's expertise and an enthusiastic team, this bond could be realized extremely successfully. Tal is no longer too far away to present us with its innovations, always curious about experience and input, preferably on a joint tour and even after a 12h day at the fair. Or were we at the party after all? The Talps is hand shaped in France and therefore carries more spirit than the overseas splitboards.  


  • Pogo Venado with Plum Binding
    A beautiful Wow Board in every respect
    Pogo, that is high quality handwork since 1983 and 100% commitment until today, ok, the liquor has only 42%. You know Pogo's unusual and exclusive shapes and the team around Martin and Jogi really uses every opportunity to move the pieces with a lot of fun. This includes the splitboards, which our friend Ben takes care of and which we are always allowed to test extensively. As we have been on tour with Ben von Pogo and Tal (from Plum) a few times before, this setup is almost self-explanatory.


  • Venture Storm with Spark Surge
    A robust rocker setup
    Admittedly, the Storm had a difficult position to conquer our hearts in 2014-15. Rocker splitboards dominated the market and they are a disadvantage for our common Northern Alps tour profiles and snow types. That's why it went into the test pool that we had set up with a mountain guide and snowboard guide. He made sure that no one has to make steeply icy crossings with it and so everyone had their joy on it. Now we've got it back safe and sound, and we're not giving it back. Why? Because it's pure coincidence that we don't live in Colorado with his powder and can't have such a close relationship to venture as we do with friends and acquaintances who are close to each other and whose heart's blood beats just as much for snow- and splitboarding. We get the Storm out now, when the conditions are right and we know that no hard crossings expect us and the downhill run of powdery is all to offer. Then this board is perfect.


  • Mendiboard Hexagon with Surge
    Solid and inexpensive board with budget for a decent binding
    What's a direct sales board from the Basque Country doing here? Snow, a man, a snowmobile, LVS equipment and an inclined surface of course. This is also the mission that Xabi is committed to. He delivers a proper splitboard for this purpose, which he does not build himself, but does the quality-conscious finishing himself, so that everything really fits. This splitboard can do everything a splitboard needs to do and moves weight-wise in the frame. At home he is very keen to bring the split community together and to promote it and of course he is on the road a lot himself. Before you buy for budget reasons any reduced slow-moving or used splitboard, the Mendi is available from 150 to 162w from 445€ - absolutely recommendable! We had some unforgettable days on glaciers and in forests.

Mendi wird vorbereitet


  • Rossignol Mag Tek Split with Plum
    The first 2013 XV
    We were enthusiastic about the Rossignol from the very beginning and we are up to the current models. The fact that the nose and tailflex were radically rebuilt in 2014 did not distort the original character of the board, but has significantly increased the limits. Speaking of limits, there's the name giver and "hero", the one who really pushes the board to its limits: Xavier de le Rue. A very nice person, who prefers to talk about his experiences and experiences rather than philosophizing with us in detail about his material. The Rossi is e. g. one of the boards which we still like to take very much even when it got a rough coreshot, of course repaired. Here the performance is convincing both on leisurely cruising and high-speed descents.
  • Jones Hovercraft with Spark Surge
    The classic. For the first time in 2013, we still like to have the Hovercraft under our feet.
    Jones is definitely the pioneer in the perception of modern splitboarding. With the foundation of his own snowboard company and his focus on splitboarding he has done a great service to all of us, without this popularity boost the development wouldn't be where it is today. Almost perfect and that also applies to the innovations and products of Jones Snowboards. Greatly we had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Jones off the beaten track and he was always very interested in our opinions and experiences, not only about his boards.
  • Furberg Splitboard with Plum
    18m sidecut radius with extremely smooth running
    Before we could get to know the Plum with a radius of 20m, the Furberg was unique for us in this respect. Great stability for large lines, which of course require a good knowledge and confidence with the board. Our own experiences are modestly part of the many inspiring and exciting stories we have been allowed to publish by the Furberg riders.
  • Rome Whiteroom with Spark Arc
    The Whiteroom was one of the first test splitboards we had under our feet and already the first shot was good. Here we can remember the agility and the float and the great fun we had with this board in 2012. The thanks go to the marketing man from Rome in those times, who believed in us from the very first moment. Rock N' Roll Eric!
  • Last but not least, we would like to mention Völkl. The crew around Weini and Thomas developed their splitboards as good as the business allowed and did a tremendous great job. From Cashew, where no one wanted to listen to us until Untrack and X-Sight, where a lot of our know how flowed in, and even with the naming we were asked for our opinion. A big thank you for that and it's just as bad that this brand had to galubate by a business group decision. We are glad that we can take one or the other board still to enjoy some fresh white.


So our Soul Selection is about "love & passion" and we can confirm that with all these brands and boards. Of course, it is possible that in the next few years more boards will be added or some boards may fall out, as the market regulates. But one thing is certain: the joy and the pure splitboarding feel can't be taken away and neither the closed friendships. Thanks to all of you!

p. s. Surely there are more soul boards where we haven't had the chance to test them or get to know the makers. We are looking forward to the upcoming years.

Splitboard Riding in frischem Pulver