05. January 2014    
Temple Cummins one of the most respected snowboarders in the USA about Risk-Management and splitboarding. Thanks for the promt support and the will of sharing his knowledge.

Temple Cummins is a snowboard purist who epitomizes the lifestyle and culture of a Northwest adventure seeker, family man and progressive billy goat. With a lifetime of experience and patient knowledge behind every turn he carves in to the mountain it’s no wonder he’s a four time Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom champion.

Temple Cummins spends part of his winter traveling to the Cascades and Rocky Mountains evaluating the best snowboarders in the world. He’s part of a “judgmental panel” which includes legendary snowboarders Andy Hetzel and Tom Burt. Despite his travels to exotic lands, Temple finds the best powder right in his own back yard. Literally. Here’s some highlights from Temple’s 11/12 season. If I were to judge a judge, I would say Temp rates extremely high on execution, fluidity and speed. – Tim “stanny-stantech” Stanford.

Temple Cummins Splitboarding

1. What would you prefer if you put yourself in the position of a "normal" snowboarder, some good splitboard routes or some beautiful freeriding days in the skiresort.

I would go with empty chair lifts.

2. Beeing a snowboardpro, what do you prefere a day of heliboarding or splitboarding and Why?

Heli if you have the cash. I like to ride my snowboard so a heli would give me most riding time, plus flying is sweet too.

3. If you enter unknown areas (you just know it from the map), how do you manage keeping the risk as low as possible eg. traversing a summit from south to north?

I like tree routes, I look for runs that have benches that break up the slope. I also like to have good spacing with people.

Temple Cummins Splitboarding 2

4. What is your strategy to reduce your risk to the maximum in general, but still beeing able to ride impressive (amazing) lines?

For the NW I try to only ride more exposed faces when its cold. Otherwise I ride in the trees.

5. Do you have any suggestions for splitboard beginners or advanced riders regarding the ascent and the descent?

I like to visit the area in the summer time, it helps getting the lay of the terrain. Descent, don't stop.

6. What Board Profile do you normally ride, Rocker , Camber or Hybrid?

I am on a C3 snowboard and a C2 split.

7. How would you describe a splitboarding day with your friends in 1 sentence?

The feeling of exploring valley's and mountains with others makes me feel very alive.

Thanks Temple for the interview and the immediate commitment.