17. March 2014    
The raffle goes on, this month it is easy to join and you can win the super cool Gloryfy Rookie Goggle in blue. Just upload a picture of your Goggle-Face and you will participate in our raffle.

Why Gloryfy?

Gloryfy makes the Sunglasses and Goggles you had been always craving for. You can sit on it, throw it in your backpack, store it wherever you want and it will be fine. The Gloryfy is unbreakable, your eyes are well protected and you have an excellent view.

Description of the Prize:

The gloryfy GP2 rookie cyan shiny is distinguished by contrasts in styling – one half of the unbreakable shiny cyan frame has a classic, linear design, while the other half stands out thanks to eye-catching lamellar elements. The anthracite, unbreakable, double lens with panorama view, antifog and antiscratch surface offers maximum contrast, 100% perfect visibility and 100% UVA/UVB protection in all light conditions. The best fit and helmet compatibility is guaranteed due to the 3-ply inner foam.

Gloryfy Goggle Rooky Cyan Gewinnspiel

How can I win?


Gloryfy Summit Flush

Upload your best goggle-face photo below (action pics with goggles also welcomed) and share the raffle at Facebook.

All pictures uploaded till 20th of April 2014 take part in the drawing.

Till 31th of May you can win a brandnew splitboard at  the Summit Flash Challenge. You want to win both prizes?

Then sign up free with splitboarding.eu before uploading your goggle-face, join the Summit Flush and get a

bonus of 2000 Gipferausch Höhenmeter vertical meters.


And the winner is: Jarno!

Congratulations and we wish you much fun with your new Gloryfy goggle.

Thank you all for participating and for your pictures. Below you can see a random selection of the submitted contest pics.

Gloryfy Contest - recent uploads