12. April 2019    

If anyone should claim "Snowboarding is dead", send them to Stuben for the Longboard Classic!
More than 560 riders took part in a fantastic race on the legendary Albona direttissima and did everything to make it a great snowboard party.

20 years and not a bit quiet. From Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of April 2019 the cosy Stuben am Arlberg turned into a colourful snowboard spectacle again. Given the new record number of participants there is no end of enthusiasm in sight, on the contrary the field of the very youngest is growing rapidly and we too have our seven year old snowboard dwarf with us again. And as far as snowboarding is concerned he can already make some old people look old. But for the nightly celebrations he is still missing a good decade and so he better misses the traditionally wild welcome party in the crazy Moonlight bar.

On the next morning we have an extensive breakfast in the AprésPost, while our eyes wander up again and again to Albona Grat, where in a few hours the big buzz will start. In the meantime the registration has started in the festival tent. Despite the large crowd and thanks to the many hardworking helpers, this is fast and stress-free. And of course, the classic LBC T-shirt is a must for every LBC check-in. As a lift pass the participants get a colourful Hawaiian Lei.

Mostly placed at the end of an article, we would like to give priority to say a big thank you to the initiator and organizer of the Longboard Classic, Paul Gruber and his family, our friend Muck Müller, all helpers in front and behind the scenes, the supporting companies, the mountain rescue Stuben, the people of Stuben and everyone else who contributed to this great weekend... you are the best!

Over the next years, Stuben's tourism director Gebhard Pichler will certainly be able to honour a few more LBC visitors for their loyalty, 20 years of Longboard Classic Stuben leaves its mark and whoever has been there is simply infected by the good vibes at Albona.


Longboard Classic means a lot of long and/or old snowboard treasures that demand a lot of courage and skill in riding the challenging course. For all those who prefer to race with a modern board, the hottest snowboard brands with their latest test equipment are available.

"Run, you old scumbags" and the longboard men rush towards the drop and the first one is already half down, followed by a crowd of ants, until the last one is on the track and the following ladies slowly get ready.

Click through our picture gallery and watch the video where we tried to capture the cool atmosphere.

In view of the steepness and the many different types of snow that one encounters on these 1001 metres of altitude: Respect and hats off to all the riders of all sexes and ages who have mastered this route with so much fun and dedication.

Down at the finish line, the riders are warmly welcomed by Paul and Kiwi and enjoy lunch in bright sunshine and, above all, being together with so many like-minded people. Meanwhile, the kids enjoy themselves in the snow and on the Konvoi miniramp, while the old ones tell each other stories in the deckchair. Gigi Rüf, the charming snowboard pro from Vorarlberg, is taking a few jumps above the fairground and was, as it turns out at the following award ceremony, also successful at the race.

First, however, the guest ceremony mentioned at the beginning, on the one hand 20 years Longboard Classic in Stuben, on the other hand Paul Gruber and his family as dedicated friends of this beautiful place. After the acknowledgements, the charity auction of the LBC Boerteun Snowsurfer takes place seamlessly. In a true staccato, Kiwi raises the offered sum to 650 Euro for the benefit of the Skate Aid Foundation of the skateboard legend Titus Dittmann, of course also a loyal LBC regular guest.

The stage is set for the winners, who will be presented to us by the two moderators Muck and Dani Kiwi in a funny gibberish of Bavarian, New Zealand Swiss and other linguistic sounds.

From the left, the women's Masters: Babs from Switzerland, Tina (Germany) second from last year and Ruthie from Canada, who changed places this time. In the category Noschool: Janina from Germany, Bronky (Slovakia) and Isabelle (Switzerland). And successful in the Oldschool women's category: Magdalena and Caroline from Austria) as well as Dana from the Czech Republic.

This year's Special Award goes to the fearless Marco, who has dared to race on a bindingless Burton Backhill (Throwback). Big applause from the audience especially for the many children who took part. All together they come on stage and are allowed to help themselves out of the gift boxes, before they are told: fire free and the "leftovers", caps, glasses, shirts etc. end up in the cheering audience.

The open air continues on the Konvoi Miniramp, where the duo of the New York Wannabees from Frankfurt give us some exciting songs and the first ones are already pogoing. As the sun slowly goes down, even the most restless take off their snowsurfers and the community dissolves, only to get together again in the festival tent for the big party after sauna and dinner.

So many hungry snowboard mouths, which of course all storm the pubs at the same time, get Stuben's gastronomy on its toes again and let the pots steam up.

Things get hot in the party tent until early in the morning. Unfortunately we're a bit late for the LBC Allstars, but the crowd is already raging, while they're being heated up with funky dancehall sounds from the Regensburg crew. UCee backed by the Rootz Radicals Band kicks off and brings, sometimes soulful, sometimes a little stronger, his messages to woman and man and in the hips and legs, until the floor swings and after several additions his colleagues from the well known Mortal Kombat Soundsystem take over.

Depending on how wild the night was, on Sunday morning it was time for a splitboard tour, freeriding or like us, some runs on the slopes and then for coffee gossip and bye-bye on the sun terrace of the AprésPost Hotel in Stuben. Cu there!


Video Longboard Classic #20 - Enjoy