31 December 2016    

Great prizes worth over 1000 Euros are waiting for their winners, including two high-end splitboard bindings from Plum and Spark R&D and loads of other useful things.
Log in and off you go! EXTENED TILL 8th April!

The Game

Game over! The winners are published on Wednesday, 12.4.2017.

Quite simple. You are interested in splitboarding, you are already a splitboard enthusiast or you just like snowboarding in the Backcountry?

Then share your experiences, ideas and your know-how here on splitboarding.eu and you will be rewarded with "vertical meters" for every action. Log in and join, that's all you need to get the great prizes.

Those who have collected the most vertical meters till 8th of April 12:00h can go off with a plum binding on their feet at Easter. The second can look forward to a Spark binding and also the third and fourth place provides support and connection, each a pair of splitboard climbing skins from Kohla.

The Prizes

An avalanche shovel from Pieps + T-Shirts from Mendiboards and other surprises.

Instruction / Rules

As with splitboarding or mountaineering, no sweet without sweat and also surprises are always possible. Here are a few rules and tips for your orientation:

With each action on splitboarding.eu you can collect points (vertical meters). The one who has collected the most meters until 8.4.2017 wins the first prize, the second the second etc. until we have no more prizes.

All logged in and active users during the game period take part of this game. There is no obligation to accept a possible win, which then the next placed gets. Of course administrators and editors of this page do not appear in the evaluation. Legal process is excluded.

How to collect vertical meters?

Registration / Login

To collect vertical meters you have to be registered and logged in to splitboarding.eu. Sign up now:

If you have completed your profile with a picture and your preferred touring region, you'll get your first 100 meters and the race can begin.

Forum postings / Comments

Each comment or post counts 100 meters. Every little helps, but beware: Do not post off-topic or senseless one-liners. These posting rules apply anyway. Here are some still unanswered topics waiting for your answer:

Unanswered topics
Topic Forum
Normal topic Transceivers got accidentally deactivated
by powforwow on 14. December 2017 - 0:08
Smalltalk / Diskussionen
Normal topic Suche neue Boots
by le fafnir on 25. October 2017 - 0:12
Normal topic Voilé Speed Rail vs Karakoram Prime Connect
by Abad on 11. October 2017 - 3:59
Normal topic Beer Can Stove
by ikka on 4. May 2017 - 15:15
Smalltalk / Diskussionen
Normal topic Touren Tips - See bis Galtür
by bennen on 8. February 2017 - 18:07
Smalltalk / Diskussionen

Posts or comments with own uploaded pictures receive 100 meters bonus.

Report recent Conditions

You have two possibilities:
-For a tour already mentioned in our routes database please attach your conditions report directly to the routes description.
Rewarded meters:200, with picture 100 extra.

-You've been elsewhere? Then post your conditions report to the appropriate forum topic and get up to 150 vertical meters.

Publish Routes

A safe but more complex way to win, for sure the most interesting and most rewarded.
For each published routes description you'll be credited the real ascent height difference as points (vertical meters).
That means, you remember a tour that you know well and where you have no concern that other Splitboarders could also show up there. This may and should be unspectacular or well-known routes as well, as long as one can splitboard there and the tour is not yet in our database. Very important: You must be able to describe the tour in your own words and pictures.
Save the time of copy&paste theft from other pages, cribbing from tour guides, etc. or the time consuming reformulation of others words. This makes no sense and if we should not notice it immediately, it's not even faster than simply take a map, do a quick search in your photo archive and go splitboarding for half an hour in your mind.


Each score is rewarded with 25 meters, it's just a klick ;-)

You can start voting here immediately. Only logged in users are able to vote and collect meters.

And the winners are:

Extras and Bonusgames

We have also prepared a series of bonuses and extras for you.
This also gives a good chance of winning to those, who have not yet had much idea of ​​splitboarding.

splitboarding Sketch

A word, a motto or a motif - Draw, paint, write or sketch what splitboarding means for you and send us a picture of your splitboard feelings.

Avalanche Quiz

Eight informative questions about avalanches which everyone can actually answer, right?
Finish the quest and get 3000 meters extra.

Wintergames Winners
22,800 m ---- bennen
22,470 m ---- restless_dan
22,126 m ---- kamenski
6,050 m ---- Alt nooana
5,200 m ---- Oier
4,750 m ---- sn00pyd00dle
3,700 m ---- greb
Last points
  • bennen received 1,200m
    Route added Wildspitze
  • kamenski received 1,377m
    Route added Slatna
  • kamenski received 1,085m
    Route added Geitgaljrantind
  • kamenski received 1,486m
    Route added vrh nad skribino
  • restless_dan received 2,210m
    Route adde Engelberg