29. April 2014      

Our "Family Split Easter Trip" to Slovenia turned out getting to know a new area with great touring opportunities a beautiful scenery and relaxed new splitboarding friends.

Easter 2014, we jump into the car, heading down south on the highway and no, not to Lake Garda. Slovenia - Bohinj is our destination.

A beautiful valley in the Triglav national park  situated in the heart of the Julian Alps. Deep in between the mountains we reach the Lake Bohinj ( Bohinj ) and the Vogel ski resort. North of the lake we see the Triglav (Threehead), which is the highest mountain of Slovenia with 2864 meters.

Due to the excellent snow conditions and the invitation to the cozy hut Sarana Zadnji Vogel, we take the cable car up to the skiing resort Vogel. Now we store all the demo material and delicious food in the sledge to face a stunning weekend with touring testing and family action.

Start Vogelm Slovenia
The sledge is ready to take off

This time everything is a little different, we have our little kids with us, but that just makes it more beautiful. Job rotation is announced. When the boys are touring for a few hours the girls have fun with the kids and vice versa. So everybody have lots of fun. The children are playing in the snow, do some tobogganing and all together we do some hikes up to the mountains, enjoying nature to the fullest.

Impressions Slovenia Vogel Bohinj

The touring area

From the cottage there are numerous routes at various levels of difficulty. The ascents and descents can be choosen from mountaineering and steep riding to smooth skinning and relaxed cruising. The terrain is hilly and you can find the legendary karst holes. At excellent conditions you can even see the Adriatic Sea. Some of the rugged mountain shapes call for tough mountaineering experiments and extreme descents.

Touring Panorama Vogel Slovenia
Touring Panoram Vogel


A popular destination is of course the Vogel (1922 meters) itself, which is accessible within two hours from the hut and offers great north side downhill opportunities.
In the East you have Sija a nice touring mountain and in the West is the challenging Vrh nad Skrbino.

Our “expedition” goes along the ridge, through gullies up to steep hills, flat plateaus to Rodica.

We had really fun rides or should I say downhill delights in perfect spring corn at gradients up to 45°. Also the layer of Sahara sand made it all very special.
We don`t want to reveal more at this point, because if you go it is much more exciting. There are some special features for photography lovers and also the fans of solitary routes will enjoy the touring area Vogel / Bohinj in Slovenia.

Map: Sidarta - Bohinj 1:25000

The Sarana Zadnji Vogel

The hut is a self catering chalet (plenty of firewood is available). It is leased by two super friendly splitboarders and can be rented through the winter. Equipped with everything needed to rustic cottage life, Zadnji Vogel is also equipped with central heating, which makes the stay very pleasant in a short time. There is hot water, a wood and an electric furnace, 18 beds and plenty of space for the kids to play and run around. Nevertheless, it is a mountain hut and you should take care of your children while playing and running around.

Zadnij Vogel innen
Playing with the kids in the kitchen



In summer there are many possibilities for climbing and also hiking and mountainbike fans will certainly not be short. The landscape is quite pure, the many lakes in the region invite you to swim. And the locals have some interesting stories to tell. Oh, dont forget to try the good "Lakefish".

Lake Bohinj



You can find different places to stay e.g. in Ukanc Ribčev Laz , Stara Fužina (Althammer) at Bohinj Lake and Bohinj Bistrica in (Wocheiner Feistritzwerke), which is located 4 km south-east of the lake. In the villages of the two valleys, numerous private rooms are offered. You can hike around the lake under three hours time by foot. The road is only on the south shore of the lake between Stara Fužina and Ukanc (campsite).
We can recommend you a guest house near the lake, where we stayed a night just before going up to the hut.

Good to know

  • The prices to stay in the village are moderate, though not cheap.
  • The price for the lift ticket or up- and downhill ticket is very low with about 14 €.
  • The “Skidoo Guy” facilitates the luggage transport to the hut.
  • The rental of the entire chalet is very economically priced and the tenants Gasper and Tadej are very friendly and courteous.
  • Rok, the lead Guide of Vertical Adventures Slovenia has many fascinating stories to tell and has experience in many different mountain regions of the world.

In winters with south wether as 2013-14, it usually has a lot of snow when many other regions are short.


Nice was our first time. We'll be back to explore more around the Vogel, to meet our new friends again and to enjoy nature. If possible we will check the area also in summer to be prepared for some challenging “stuff", next winter.



Pension Urbanc Nada, beautiful rooms and appartments as well as nice owners. Bed and Breakfast is also available.

Hut Sarana Zadnji Vogel, cosy hut with some features to make the stay comfortable.

Skigebiet Vogel, great freeride area, having local knowledge

Mountain Guides: Vertical Adventures, super-cool Mountain Guide office, with lots of activities in Slovenia and abroad. Climbing, Ski- and Splitboard Touring, Base Jumping, Heliskiing,... The Lead Guide Rok, is really cool and you see that he loves his job. ALso he likes to share his excellent knowledge.


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    Hope to join next winter.... seems to be great at winter to.

    I know the region for flying and it is great kind of landscape.


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    Hey guys. Thanks for the visit. It was super fun. We're really looking forward to see you again :)