15. December 2021    

It's done - here you have our splitboard test - Splitboarding Editors Selection 21-22. This year we were again creative to provide you with a comprehensive test of the latest splitboard models 21-22. How did we do it?

It's done - here you have our splitboard test - Splitboarding Editors Selection 21-22. This year we were again creative to provide you with a comprehensive test of the latest splitboard models 21-22. How did we do it?

The pandemic restrictions are in full swing. So we had a crisis meeting as well.
What can we do?
How do we stay within the legal framework and get the best results for our readers?
These two questions had the biggest focus from our side. The result was the following. We follow the given rules and behave self-responsibly according to the protection of our society! After a few votes we have developed a Corona concept, which was accepted for our project also in the highest place. Thus the Hochkeilhaus (Livingroom Hochkönig) was allowed to accommodate us for 2 x 2 weeks in the context of our work for the snowboard industry. A total of 10 Splitboarders tested this year.

The test setting: 2x2 weeks, 10 splitboarders of all levels, slopes and and well known backcountry runs, snow conditions ranging from icy slopes to 90 cm of the finest powder! As always, the downhill and ascent performance of the boards was tested, as well as the features and little things that make a good splitboard an excellent splitboard. Only one parameter was ever changed. So bindings and boots, the riding angle, the stance remain and the boards change. After all boards were ridden we sat together and discussed the performance. So some boards worked better for the heavyweight riders others for the flyweights. We did the same for the ladies boards. Further down in the text you will find the rider profiles, so you can get an idea of the testers.

Thanks to all the companies that supported us. You can find the boards online. Big thanks to Peter from Hochkeilhaus who gave us the accommodation, Lisa Schrötter Photography for awesome company and pictures, all testers who could take the time and to Nicola Thost who accompanied us for one day, told great stories and gave us the chance to get to know her as a person. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Most of the photos are from Lisa Schrötter Photography - THANK YOU!

But now to the winners: there are 5 in the men's category and 2 in the women's:


Selection Men

Konvoi Nevado Split 21-22
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 50%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 80%
The Award Winning Nevado has been optimized internally and has become slightly lighter. The ascent and descent characteristics are almost identical to last year's model.
WP-Score: 6.3
Riding, 90%
Uphill, 90%
Features, 100%

"The Konvoi Nevado has again been internally optimized and is lighter than last years model. We are still convinced of the Konvoi Nevado and put it on par with the other high-performance boards from Korua and Rossignol. The Nevado is even more sophisticated and a few years ahead of the other two. Ben, the maker at Konvoi has been building excellent splitboards for years. The Konvoi Nevado has some innovations where no other company has dared, that bring a good boost in performance.

Korua Escalator Split Plus 21-22
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 60%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 80%
With the Escalator Split from Korua the name says it all - Both in the ascent and downhill you are well equipped. The Korrua Escalator combines the strengths of Trannifinder and the Coffee Racer into an excellent splitboard with many capabilities. The upd
WP-Score: 6.9
Riding, 87%
Uphill, 85%
Features, 80%

"The Korua Escalator is still top, our enthusiasm from last year was confirmed by all testers. It flies through deep powder, it plows through hardpack and over rough terrain, it is also super stable and controllable at high speeds. The whole board is superbly tuned and the short but hard tail gives stability on drops and other shenanigans. The large holes of the skin attachment give you direct faceshots in the powder from time to time. If you ever get too far back on the tail on hard conditions, the tail brakes you with the two "points" and you rotate pleasantly back forward.

Nitro Slash Split
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 60%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 70%
The Nitro Slash is a splitboard optimized for powder that is great to surf without demanding much effort.
WP-Score: 5.8
Riding, 85%
Uphill, 78%
Features, 65%

It floats just right, not too much and not too little. So riding at high speeds you feel secure. In variable terrain and hardpack it cruises through obstacles and even at high speeds can handle it with little vibration. It carves solidly on the slopes and is all in all a lot of fun. It can be ridden either weighting your front or back foot; however, with a little more weight on the back foot it has a big impact on the riding characteristics in powder. The tail is stable and gives you stability even on small drops despite its short length.

Rossignol Sashimi Split
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 50%
Allmountain, 60%
Powder, 100%
Speed, 70%
The Rossignol Sashimi is a powder machine with top all-round capabilities.
WP-Score: 3.3
Riding, 90%
Uphill, 73%
Features, 70%

The Sashimi Splitboard from Rossignol has won us over. Despite the width it is relatively strong in the ascent. The edge hold is outstanding and in deep powder it sinks very little compared to the competition. Like most boards, the Sashimi tracks well. Compared to highly ascent-oriented boards such as Mr. Splitboard's High Mountain, you have to make some sacrifices, but all in all it is impressive even on challenging traverses. The kick turns could be easier if the tour mode was placed a little further towards the nose.

Weston Ridgeline Split
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 80%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 80%
The Weston Ridgeline is a classic splitboard with modern tuning that is great fun from minute number one!
WP-Score: 3.7
Riding, 80%
Uphill, 75%
Features, 70%

Ascent: The Weston Ridgeline is a classic splitboard. We liked it in the ascent. It is optimally tuned to climb effortlessly even in deep snow. With enough stiffness and a moderately pronounced camber, it sinks relatively little and even in hard traverses feels secure uphill. The board is nicely balanced and during kick turns the tail sinks and the board turns almost by itself in the right direction.

Selection Ladies

Amplid Mahalo Split
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 90%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 75%
A mega ladies splitboard from which all testers were thrilled
WP-Score: 6.7
Riding, 73%
Uphill, 70%
Features, 80%

"Ascent: The Mahalo convinces you during the ascent with its tracking ability and quite solid edge hold. It is balanced in such a way that you should kick turn less with an energetic kick, but rather shifting a little weight forward and the split ski follows almost automatically. As for the Stratospheric Topsheet, the differences were more pronounced on the thermal camera than in reality. During our tours we could not yet detect any difference with the topsheet.

Mendiboard Backcountry 21-22
Splitboarding Editors Selection 2017/18
Riding Style
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 90%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 80%
The Mendiboard Womens Backcountry has excited our testers so much that it wins this year's award!
WP-Score: 7.6
Riding, 77%
Uphill, 77%
Features, 75%

The Mendiboard Womens Backcountry was a lot of fun for the testers this year. Super maneuverable and very agile, the board rides playfully and with great ease. It has a lively pop and turns are very easy to initiate. It floats very well and can be ridden over both the front and back foot. In the variable conditions, it either goes over or digs in without "biting hard". This has to do with the slightly higher rocker and relatively short nose. Thus, you can ride even in demanding conditions very pleasant and with little energy.


Riders Profiles


Maid Marion:

Ht: 160cm Wt: 53kg, Boot size: 24.5
Freeride: 48.5 cm +15 -9 degr
All-mtn/Freestyle: same same
Carving: same same
Years Riding: 22, Splitboarding: 1 1/2
Days per year: Resort 40, Touring 10..15
Riding Style: playful freeride, small hips, mini jibs

Lisl the Weasel:
Ht: 165cm, Wt: 58 Kg, Boot size: 23,5
Stance: Al-Mtn +15 +6
Split: +21 +3
Years riding: 10, Splitboarding 2
Days per year: Resort 15, Touring 20-30
Riding Style: Backcountry Newcomer, Professional Powder Wuzler, Hosenscheisser, "Speed is your friend" Refuser

Lisa Shawty: Not just testing but doing great photogrphy
HT: 162,5 cm WT 56 Kg Boot size: 6-8,5US
Stance: 56 +0 +0 deg.
All-mtn/freestyle:same same
Carving: don't fucking care
Years riding: too old to answer this --> 27 years
Splitboarding: 2 years
Days per year: resort last year 60 days, sometimes none, sometimes 5 days a year
Riding style: Shawty gets low and fast




Dr Mike:

Ht: 178cm, Wt: 73kg, Boot size: 27.5
Stance: Freeride: 57cm +24 +6 deg
             All-mtn/Freestyle: 54cm +12  -12 deg
Years Riding: 27, Splitboarding: 10
Days per year: Resort 40, Touring 40.
Riding Style: Steep and Gnarly.

Prof Leo:
Ht: 183cm Wt: 85kg, Boot size: 29
Stance: Freeride: 55cm +21 +6 degr
             All-mtn/Freestyle: 56cm +21  -6.
             Carving: 55cm +27 +12
Years Riding: 18, Splitboarding: 9
Days per year: Resort 40, Touring 40+
Riding Style: Fast and Steep and Carving Groomers

Alexander the Great:
HT: 190 cm, 93 Kg, Shoe Size 28,5
Angle: something around +18/0 with actual surgery - before15/-15
Stance: something around 58 cm
Riding: 23 years
Splitboarding: 9 years
Yearly riding: 45 days Resort, 25 Touring pre Covid
Riding Style: Fast and Aggressive, pow tree runs are my favorite
Thanks Alex for the great effort and Pics as well!

Ht: 180cm Wt: 75kg, Boot size: 27
Stance: Freeride: 58cm +21 -9 degr
All-mtn/Freestyle: 58cm +15  -12. degr
Carving: same same
Years Riding: 15, Splitboarding: 8
Days per year: Resort 50, Touring 30
Riding Style: likes tricky terrain, shit-fuck conditions, small drops

HT:178cm Wt: 68Kg Boot size 27,5
Stance always: 58cm +18 / +6
Years riding: 27 years
Splitboarding: 10 Years
Days per year: 21 Resort, 10 Touring
Riding Style: always technically clean (Alte Schule) fast, steep, turn, turns, turns

Emperor Constantine:
Ht: 179cm Wt: 70kg, Boot size: 27.5 Mondo
Stance: Freeride: 56cm +25 -10 degr
All-mtn/Freestyle: 57cm +20  -5.
Years Riding: 27, Splitboarding: 14
Days per year: Resort 30, Touring 10
Riding Style: Zen-Boarder, looking for that one moment when all everything reduces to the here and now. Preferably fast and fat powder turns. Stlye inspired by surfing, mostly directional, there is only one air, method air.

Pat the Powfinder:
HT: 183 Wt: 74kg, Boot size: 27 special adjustment
Stance: Freeride, All-mtn: constant around 57
Years riding: 34
First Time Splitboarding: around 2003
Days Per year: 5 Resort, 30-50 Touring
Ridingstyle: Surfy fun cruising, slow steep riding, carving obviously, feeling the flow of gliding through frozen water - no matter what, having the most fun possible. Never stomped a clean 720. Proud dad of a 10 year old who loves standing sideways!


You want to see more pictures of our Splitboard Test 21-22 - here you go!