It`s February in North Sweden, the weather is stabil and Daniel Furberg, founder and CEO of Furberg Snowboards and to other "Snow Pros" do some touring in the beautiful area of Kebnekaise. Check out the Video "Nallo - A Freeride Mission".

Freeskier Thomas Bergemalm, Telemarker Per Jonsson and Splitboarder Daniel Furberg have reached the base camp in the middle of nowhere near the Nallo Peak in Sweden. The weather is supposed to be good for the following days and all are full of joy to make these freeride mission happen and to enjoy life in their little tent village.

The Nallo (Needle) is located in Stuor Räitavagge valley, which is located in the catchment area of the highest mountain in Sweden, the Kebnekaise with 2104 meters. It rises to a height of 1585 meters and offers diverse touring possibilities from open faces to steep and challenging couloires.

From the north-west side the "Needle" can be climbed without major difficulties, mainly you skin through the winterly landscape and some rough and rocky terain.

The actual needle is 100 meters lower and the ascent requires safe handling of climbing equipment and good skills hiking on narrow ridges.

So, enough of the words, enjoy the vid!

Nallo - a Freeride Mission from Crux Film on Vimeo.

Thanks to Furberg Snowboards and the Crew of CEO Daniel Furberg.



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    Next Pin in the Great northern adventure... Hope to get there next year