06. March 2019      

Jotunheimen is the highest mountain region in Norway and Scandinavia. It offers many possibilities for Splitboarding and Splitboard Touring. Here you get an insight and maybe ideas for your next splitboard holiday.

The "home of the giants", so the literal translation, is the highest part of the Scandes, an area that covers 3500 square kilometers. To the west it is bordered by Sognefjord and to the east by Valdres. The two highest mountains of Norway are in this region. The Galdhøpiggen with 2469 meters and the Glittertind with 2464 m (with glacier hood) and 2452 m (without). In total there are 250 peaks which are over 1900 meters high and 20 of them are even over 2300 meters in elevation. This part of Norway is characterized by ice age flair: Glaciers, moraines and rugged mountain shapes covered with lichen and moss are characteristic of this wild and barren landscape.

Five boys and a woman are on their way to the "home of the giants" - Jotunheimen - to discover this beautiful area, after the end of the season in their home area Vierli.  In addition to climbing 5 interesting peaks, including the highest in Scandinavia, Galdhøpiggen, the 6 Czech friends experienced an indescribable mountain and animal world. They made campfires at the fjords, dived into garbage containers, drew their lines into the snow and again noticed that friendship, mountain world and adventure are firmly anchored together.