03. December 2020    

From the famous powder paradise of the Wasatch Mountains, the birthplace of Utah splitboarding comes a 26 year history lesson of splitboarding, then to now with your host Maxwell Morrill.

From the beginnings of splitboarding in Utah until today. Maxwell will discuss the first DIY splits, equipment of the time, how splitboarding has evolved and where it may be going. Join now for 40 exiting minutes of history.

This is how it works

The meeting will take place on 9.12.2020 following the previous meeting - 19:00 to 19:45 (CET/MEZ) on ZOOM.
After sending your registration you will receive an e-mail with the invitation link for the Zoom Meeting, the meeting ID and the access code.

No extra registration with Zoom is necessary to participate. The participation is of course free of charge.
All you need is either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop PC with internet connection. Microphone and webcam make things more lively, but if necessary you can also just watch and ask your questions in the corresponding chat.

The session is already over... you will see a summary here soon.