07. November 2016    

Within this new series we are going to present you a selection of well worth seeing splitboard clips you may have missed on Facebook&Co till now, didn't you?

Mid of October a perfectly staged splitboard video from Poland made it to the Redbull Magazine and into the newsstreams beyond the splitboard and snowboard magazines.
"Splixie" - Splitboarding with a Fixie Bike on the back. Whether this has serious potential or not in this form, hmm, it seriously made fun and it's pure fun to see the video, too. By the way it's claim to fame is not only by the Splixie action itself, but by the filming too. All filming was done on the same day and all single shots by only one cameraman. But probably you've seen this already by yourself, if not, here's the link.

While we are already at fancy combinations, snowkite professional Simone Borgi took a Splitboard called Ikarus and shows us what he can do with it. Someone recognizes where this one was shot?


We already shared another video from Italy on Facebook, by chance we spotted a new splitboard brand too.

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Smoother sounds, but not less beautiful pictures arrive from France and again a new splitboard appears, the Babasplit.


Now some fresh cuts of a Splitboard Festival in one of the most southeastern corners of Europe, the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.


and another one from far away, the gorgeous volcano Osorno in Chile where the season has just ended.


Because we are already there, let's head to North America to the mountains of Utah, Colorado and Idaho, from where the following season edit reached us lately.


Because of the geographic balance and mostly because of the great pictures again, here comes the final end of our preseason Video update:
The North Island Russian Splitboard Team vs. the Whangaehu Glacier in New Zealand.

We hope you enjoyed this little video outline, if so, tell us by liking, sharing or commenting right here.