18. November 2012    

It's time, our pre-Christmas splitboard testing is completed and here are the details of six current splitboards 2012/13 (Arbor, Gnu, K2, Rome, Splitsticks, Völkl).

It's time, our pre-Christmas splitboard testing is completed and here are the details of six current splitboards 2012/13.

A thank you to all who made this possible and who supported us mentally and technically.

The testing conditions were changing, from hard pack to ice, grippy snow to 20cm powder or snowdrift. With some splitboards we had the opportunity to test them for a whole season. The weight of the test riders was between 70 and 75 kg.

All reviewed splitboards are stable and in addition to backcountry rinding also good for going on-piste. The stubborn skepticism regarding durability and handling characteristics can therefore be forgotten. The slight differences in the evaluation results come from the orientations of the respective boards. Freestyle, allmountain, powder, speed, ... We can recommend every single board, but every rider should know his preferences and choose accordingly.

The different shapes have advantages and disadvantages in the uphill performance in which the boot / binding / board combination has a strong influence on the possible edge pressure. So the significance regarding uphill performance is relativized.

First of all, we want to make things clear. As it is known, there is no all-rounder! So we introduced the category riding style to define the orientation of the respective boards.

To give a complete picture of the relevant parameters in splitboarding, our test is divided into the following categories:

  • Riding Style: Describes the orientation of the Splitboard, whether it is rather powder, all-mountain, speed or freestyle oriented.
  • Riding Performance:  Agility, flex, edge grip, all conditions riding.
  • Uphill Performance: Edge hold while traversing, weight.
  • Features: Finishing, Sustainability
  • Riders Statement

Important:  The test serves you an idea of ​​the different characteristics of the boards. This way it is easier to find the perfect board for your projects.

We have tested the following six splitboards for you. You'll find the full review if you follow the appropriate link:

Splitboard Arbor Abacus 164

Riders Statement (75kg):

"The Abacus 164 splitboard rides off- and on-piste relaxed and good-natured, but it can be pressed in rough terrain and powder as well. Ascending, the Grip Tech supports the uphill-performance."


Splitboard Gnu Billy Goat 159

Riders Statement (72kg):

"The Billy Goat 159 split from Gnu is an allmost- allrounder, from powder until ice you can ride it smoothly and aggressive. The uphill-performance is strongly supported by the Magnet Traction and the shape."


Splitboard K2 Panoramic 162

Riders Statement (73kg):

"For those who want to go out into the wide world climbing distant peaks, the K2 Panoramic Splitboard will be a loyal companion! Some training is required to achieve the full edge grip on ascents."


Splitboard Rome Double Agent 154

Riders Statement (70kg):

"Surprisingly, the Double Agent 154 is a very freestyle oriented splitboard. Short, quick turning  and enough float in powder. During the ascent you can count on the edges."


Splitboard Splitsticks Slash 162

Riders Statement (72kg):

"A tough mountain buddy who is ready for everything. The Splitstick Slash wants to be ridden to high performance with power in ones legs. The unique binding system is developed for excellent performace on the ascent."


Splitboard Völkl Cashew Split 162

Riders Statement (72kg):

"A good friend with whom you conquer the backcountry and can push your limits. Madness in Powder, it requires a little practice using the edges effectively in hard traverses."