11 January 2014    

We have changed the presentation style of our anual Splitboard Test to rise the user experience at our homepage. For all who didn`t see the eleven tested boards, here you get the overview again.

All boards had been tested while touring, freeriding and on the slopes, so we have a very broad perspective regarding the uphill and downhill performance. This is done to make our test the most objective evidence as possible.

The conditions had been changing from Powder to Hardpack and also we tried the boards on the slopes. While touring we had different terrain from relaxed routes to challenging splitboard mountaineering.

Our test-team consists of three riders (between 70 and 75 kilos) who all have many years of splitboard touring experience and know exactly what is really important and what is less important to judge the performance of a splitboard.

The Boards had been tested with the SP-Splitboard Binding, the Spark Magneto and the Voile Light Rail. Except the Splitsticks which has it`s own interface and concept. All tested boards had been equipped with 70-30 Mix-Skins from Kohla.

This year we decided to award three splitboards with the Splitboarding Editors Selection. The winners are the boards which gave us most fun and allover performance, regarding our riding style.

Here you get a summary of the tested categories to make it easier for you, finding a suitable board for your personal riding style.

  • Riding Style/Flex: Describes the orientation of the splitboards, whether they are more Powder, Allmountain, Speed or Freestyle oriented. The Flex description is a "felt" Flex so it is a subjective value.
  • Riding Performance: Here we reflect the most important factors for a Splitboard, agility and edgegrip all other parameters belong to personal habits.
  • Uphill Performance: The most important thing at the ascent is a good skin, what we haven`t tested at this point. Good edgegrip, traction (in our test it is a part of traversing, so if the board turns around as the needle of a compass or if it is stable and pulls forward exactly) and little weight. If the board is a bit heavier you can compensate it easily with a lighter backpack or clothing.
  • Features: Regarding the fact that the investment for a splitboard is a bit bigger, the finishing is also very important to us. Also the sustainability should be kept in mind as we have fun in the nature. So nature should be protected and the companies should put their grain to invironmental friendly production.
  • Statement: Every tester describes the board with his personal statement, when more than one person had been testing the board the statement is a conjunction between the testers opinions.


Arbor Abacus 164 Splitboard

Arbor Abacus SplitboardArbor Abacus Riding Style

Arbor Abacus Test

The Abacus 164 can be used smoothly on-pist and off-pist as well as ridden hard in challenging terrain and powder conditions. At the ascent the Grip Tech gives enough uphill performance and edgegrip at traverses.

THE Furberg Split 167

THE Furberg SplitboardThe Furberg Riding Style

Furberg Testdetails

The Furberg 167 Splitboard has a big radius in which you can ride big turns at full speed and control, both in powder and windpressed snow. Due to the rocker it has lots of floatation and agility. So you can also have fun in the woods. For a rocker board the Furberg 167 has great grip on the edges and you can also do traverses at the ascent quite easily. The finishing is great.


Gnu Billy Goat 159 Splitboard

Gnu Billy GoatGnu Billy Goat Riding Style

Gnu Billy Goat Testdetails

The Billy Goat159 Split had been tested in the last season. It is the Allmost Allrounder which can be used from Powder over Hardpack and Ice. The Board can be ridden smoothly as well as tough and with lots of energy in your feet. Due to the Shape and the Magnet Traction it is very stable at hard traverses.


Goodboards Legends 164 Split

Goodboards LegendsGoodboards Legends Riding Style

Goodboards Testdetails

The Goodboards Legends 164 Split is the second traditional Camber Board in the test. It is suitable for all conditions but requieres a certain way of riding, powerfull and fast. The Flex is quite hard, it has good edgehold and is stable at the ascent as well. The full wood finishing is really beautiful.


Never Summer Prospector 167 XW

Never Summer Prospector SplitNever Summer Prospector Riding Style

Never Summer Testdetails

The Never Summer Prospector 167 XW is a solid All-Conditions Hybrid Split with hard adjustment and Flex. Stable in the ascent and finished in an impressing way. Big feet and heavy riders will have lots of fun with the NS Prospector 167XW in all kind of Snow.


Rome Double Agent 154

Rome Double AgentRome Double Agent Riding Style

Rome Double Agent Testdetails

The Rome Double Agent 154 is a very freestyle oriented Splitboard. It is excellent for that style of riding. Even when the length is short it has an amazing grip ascending and descending. The harder Flex makes it easy to stick even big airs with style and control.


Rome Whiteroom 158 Splitboard

Splitboarding Editors Selection

Rome WhiteroomRome Whiteroom Riding Style

Rome Whiteroom Testdetails

The Whiteroom 158 is a very light Hybrid Split with Rocker-Nose and Camber down to the tail. Super maneuvrable and quiet hard at the adjustment it can be ridden in all conditions with lots of fun. Also in deep Pow the nose will be up all the time. The edge is stable as well as in the ascent as in the descent.


Rossignol XV Mag TEC Split 167

Splitboarding Editors Selection

Rossignol SplitboardRossignol Riding Style

Rossignol XV Testdetails

The Rossignol XV 167 is super light for it`s length, has massive float and is incredibly maneuvrable. The board can be controled excellently at high speed and keeps very stable. The rockered nose is a bit softer, so you get a surfy-feeling while riding pow - the stiff tail and the camber down to the tail gives you great edgecontrol at the ascent as well as at icy descents.


Splitsticks Slasher 162

Splitboarding Editors Selection

Splitsticks SlasherSplitsticks Riding Style

Splitsticks Testdetails

The Splitsticks 162 is a traditional Camber Board. Regarding the ascent I havn`t tried anything similar till now. Extreme control even at high speed in difficult and very changing conditions. Riding pow you have to bring your weight very much to your backfood and you will feel the liveliness of the traditional Camber. We are convinced by the binding system, regarding performance, power transfer and handling.


Venture Odin Splitboard

Venture Odin SplitboardVenture Odin Riding Style

Venture Odin Testdetails

The Venture Odin is strongly rockered and very solid. Even if the Rocker is massive there is very little vibration at higher speeds. It is very agil with lots of float and good edgegrip for a Rocker Split. The Venture Odin gave me lots of fun while riding and climbing. The finishing is nice and the sustainability great. Just as we know it from Venture.


Völkl Cashew 162 Split

Völkl Cashew SplitboardVölkl Cashew Riding Style

Völkl Cashew Testdetails

Due to the convex Powderbase the Cashew has great abilities in powder and you can surf it amazingly. At steep terrain you have to know it`s specialties and you need to know when the edge comes, than you can have lots of fun even at challenging stuff. The finishing is excellent, like no other in the market and the sustainability is very important for Völkl.