03. May 2016      

As manifold as the Romanian mountains are, are the impressions that reach us from there. Lonely adventures of hardship and easy going sessions, the film "Follow your path" of our Polish splitboard friends captures these moods.

We met last year, around the same time, same place. A simple, convenient catered hut in Sambetei valley in the Romanian part of the Carpathian Mountains, to be precise at 1400 meters altitude right in the Fagaras mountains. Who? A group of splitboarders from Poland, Marius of splitboardromania.ro and his friends and we, a Splitboarding couple from Munich. But that's another story that has yet to be told, so let's fast-forward to March / April, 2015.

Beforehand, unfortunately we didn't make it to Romania this Spring again and the others weren't granted a reunion neither, hopefully it works out next year and we meet for a splitboard session in Transylvania again.

"Adventure is in all of us and it’s up to each of us individually to define what that word means."



A week later, Spring has arrived. The meadows covered with crocuses, the Valea (= valley) Sambetei presents itself in lovely bright sunshine. Until the end of the valley, this means walking by foot, while further up the White and magnificent views into the endless wideness attract.

Frühling im Valea Sambetei

A few words from Marius about the Split Camp at the Cabana (=hut) Sambata:

"How would I describe this weekend? Free, intense and multiseasonal. Nonetheless the beauty of it stays in the details. As 'professional' as it may seem looking back at our determination and equipment, I would say this was a camp where some kids went to have fun. We struggled, we rolled over, we laughed.

Pause am Weg

The gathering was complete and mixed, with boys and girls, short and tall, having splitboards or skis, all enthusiastic and open-minded people. We divided into two groups, to make the track safe and easier. Several skiers and two guys on splits attacked Fereastra Mare, having a steeper ascent. I was adopted by the second group, all splitboarders. I had to keep up with a high spirited rhythm on the summer marked track, which didn't seem to be a problem on our way to the top (La Fundu Bandei, 2545m), where the two groups had a short reunion. The big fight with the snow came later on, when we were confronted with snow consistence of all types, continuously changing in the heat of the sun. Also the lower part of the mountain brought up some difficulties in terms of vegetation and rocks, but we somehow managed it. With the boards again on the backpacks, we returned on the easy path surrounded by intense violet flowerlife.  We triumphed over the day with overtanned faces and quality time stories in this cozy ambient of stove heating."


For those who tasted blood, by the way, Draculas castle is only 80km far, our journal has some more information about Splitboarding in Romania and splitboardromania.ro of course could be a good starting point too.