24. July 2012    

What do splitboard friends do in summer when the mountains are green or gray?

The splitboard "freaks": They enter the world of fantasy doing great routes and having excellent runs in untouched pow. They wait and hope for an early start and a long winter season.
Some of them go to Argentina, Chile, ... where it is possible to ride and climb magnificent mountains during our summertime.
The splitboard "average obsessed": Goes surfing and enjoys the summer. Maybe hiking, climbing, mountain biking, to explore the routes for the upcoming season, or chill and barbecue.
The splitboard "Newbees": Are hot for the upcoming season they inform themselves about the material, calculate their budget and find out  what is the best equipment for them. Should you be one of those, you can send us your questions in summer and  winter, they will be answered as soon as we can.
So enough stereotypes pushed, to each his own. Splitboarding.eu hopes that we will have a fat season in the coming winter and a lot of fun in the mountains. We program and research, and are pleased to provide you with useful information about splitboarding.
Come back again and tell your friends and acquaintances from splitboarding.eu now. Oh yes, who logs in and joins actively (contributing tours, commenting, posteing splitboard stories ...) has the chance to win great prizes at the start of the season. What? This is still a secret.
Enjoy the summer.