18. March 2013    

Check out this splitboard mission by worldclass freeriders Bibi Pekarek Tölderer, Mitch Tölderer and Max Zipser. It`s worth it!

We know these guys meeting them by chance at the mountains near Innsbruck, of the Freeride Worldtour, from the movie "Further" by Jeremy Jones and the film "Time for the White Room".

The three worldclass freeriders Bibi Tölderer Pekarek, Mitch Tölderer and Max Zipser have seen this mountain for years and have always thought, "Hey, would be nice to shred this one! There haven`t been any tracks since we watch it! Has anyone ever ridden that mountain? Beautiful and challenging is the Praxmarerkarspitze (2638m) in the Karwendel and this year it was time. Bibi, Mitch and Max went to a hut nearby to check their lines closely and to reduce their risk at such a challenging mission. They needed two attempts. Since they were not set for ice climbing the first time, reason have faced coolness and they stopped the ascent (We say safety first, thumbs up!). On the second day it was possible. Mitch and Max climbed the top and enjoyed their lines.

Check out the Quick Edit by Mitch and feel the experience of these unforgettable days with Bibi, Mitch and Max.

If you want to know more about the three, read their blogs:

Thanks for sharing this experience with us!