First steps on a Splitboard - On the eve of our Beginners camp we started with a presentation of the current Splitboard systems. From Voilé to SP, Spark R&D, Plum, Karakoram, K2 Kwicker and Splitsticks, we had the whole who's who present. Take a look at the pictures and see how it went on with freeriding and the first splitboard tour.

After the demonstration of the different binding systems, the gear overview was continued with not less splitboards. Of course all the participants can try out everything, but before everybody is allowed to choose and set up their gear, a very important aspect has to be teached, for a start in theory.

The basics of avalanches, tour planning and alpine safety. Descriptive and presented with many pictures, we learn what we can expect to meet in the backcountry the next two days. Everybody was very interested and wanted to know as mouch as possible. For this we started to set up the boards rather late and it becomes 1 o'clock till we fall into our beds.

Early the next morning, we strap our splitboards under our feet and do some runs on the fresh snowy Freeride slopes of the Axamer Lizum. Besides dusting powder and speed on the piste, there was something to learn about splitboarding on each run, too.

Avalanche report, terrain, different snow types and much to fast it's lunch time. So let's get something to eat. Boosted by a tasty Lizum 1600 burger, drinks and or maybe an espresso, we set off after a good rest to do ascent excercises, Yes, ascent excercises as this is a beginners camp and most of the group never had a splitboard under their feet before.

Axamer Lizum Splitboard Camp 2
Impressions Axamer Lizum Splitboard Camp #1

At the first changeover we answer questions and give some hints. We take our time, everybody should understand his gear.

And here they come, the first steps, weight on the heel!
Then the first kickturns, of course a challenge and like a reward the sun comes out and we can enjoy our time in the montains.

Some kickturns higher up the hillside, the changeover of the boards again to ride mode worked nearly unassisted and quickly.

Back at Lizum 1600, changing boards, checking gear, breath through, eat and drink and off to bed, because on Sunday we are going to do a splitboard tour.

8:30 in the morning.
Zervus, Hi, Namaste and we are on our way to the Liz, where we get a repetition from our mountain guides about the safety topics we heard first Friday evening. Now this can be applied in real by planning our route.  Finally, board halves under feet, and here we go...

Axamer Lizum Splitboard Camp-3
Impressions Axamer Lizum Splitboard Camp #2

For a start we split relaxed along the ski slope and then turn off into the backcountry in direction to Widdersberg. We already know the beginning of the tour from our yesterdays first steps, but then we reach a plateau and leave the ski resort behind us out of sight.

Here is a good place to see and practice everything you need to know for save backcountry touring, understood that this knowledge has to be enhanced further. What to do in an emergency case, how to handle the avalanche transceiver, first basic searching excercises, probing and digging. This way our participants get well prepared for touring in open terrain.

In the striking backdrop of Kalkkögel we draw our track, almost all alone, up to Widdersberg. Splitboard feeling.
At the summit we enjoy the view, take a break and prepare ourselfs for the descent. Despite fair visibility we have much fun in spraying powder. Splitboard Feeling again.

It felt like we had a great and informative weekend with lots of fun, nice people and good spirits. If it wasn't like this, please set aright.

Splitboard Camp Axamer Lizum 1
Impressions Axamer Lizum Splitboard Camp #3

We would be happy to meet you on tour or maybe even at our end of the season event at the Amberger Hütte.

Big THANK YOU to all of the crew, who made this event an unforgettable experience.

For freeride guiding and backcounty touring in the Axamer Lizum, we recommend you the Freeride Division directly on-site and we say Thank you to our guides for their support and motivation.

If you are interested in getting deeper into splitboarding, take a look at the informations about our Splitboarding Spring Fest.


Not to forget of course, Thank you to our partners:


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