20. August 2014    
How do I find the perfect splitboard? Last season we have been to many shops and noticed that most of the sales reps did not try splitboarding yet or are not very familiar with this type of snowboarding. Our splitboard gear-guide will help you to find the perfect setup for your backcountry projects.

Actually splitboarding is easy, you cut one of your old snowboards in the middle (of course from front to back), you fix a universal interface on it, the slider plates under your bindings, get the safety equipment and you are ready to go. OK, most of us already have made this experience and to split a board really good is not that easy. A cut board looses stiffness and torsion so the performance on the rise and the descent is much better with a factory built split. But anyway cutting your board is a great way to get into splitboarding and everybody should have done it once.

Splitboard Erfahrung


You already got the stoke and want to buy your first, brand new splitboard?

Over the years we have noticed that there are very different splitboarder types. But one thing unites us. We do splitboarding to get an incredible WOW or better to say POW experience and a big smile in our faces. So we climb mountains, hike through beautiful landscapes or discover all those dreamlines which are only accessible with a spitboard. Than we get this amazing feeling, riding one of those almost unreachable lines and we want to do it again, again and again. It's almost like an addiction or better, it is a passion that fills us up with happiness and stoke, which does not exist on the slopes or in ski resort in this pure state. Splitboarding is... Well, the question was "Which splitboard to buy?" 

Let`s go on with our splitboard gear-guide.