01. November 2021      

SPLIT & RELAX #9 - can it be even better than 2021? For sure, this year we are going to celebrate meeting each other again. The international Splitboard Festival (Testival) will take place in 2022 from the 4th to 6th of February, at the LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG in Salzburger Land.  At 3 days you can get to know the best brands of the splitboard scene and test the latest material. Of course it is also about safety on the mountains and about fun and joy in the legendary surroundings of the majestic Hochkönig.

Splitboard Festival / Test - You've heard about it but haven't had a chance to participate yet? Are you missing like-minded people to start your own splitboard adventures? Would you like to discover the most beautiful tours around the Hochkönig with a mountain guide? Let's go - 2022 is your year! Inform your friends and get ready for an unforgettable weekend with great people in the unique mountain world around the Hochkönig! 
For the experts among you there will most likely be one or the other "special tour" (see pictures from 2019). Be it the Hochkönig himself, the Vier Rinnen, the Torscharte or the Schneek*** (secret) - and there is even more. Of course, there are also easier tours for all levels. Our local guides know where it is best.

For some of you we can already talk about our annual meeting, of course - we are looking forward to you and your stories of the past season (hopefully more than lockdown and covid) - we also have a few stories to tell. We are also happy about every person who overcomes his inner weakness and wants to get to know one of the most beautiful sports in harmony with nature. Splitboarders or those who want to become one are welcome as always. In 2019 there were about 15 female splitboarders we were especially happy about - ladies there is even more power from your side, please! The sensational mountain world around our Splitboard Festival at the Hochkönig is waiting to be discovered, climbed and explored by you. Let's go, inform your friends and become part of what is probably the most relaxed Splitboard Festival of Europe.

Since 2013 Split & Relax stands for relaxed get-togethers, relaxed splitboarding, learning together and from each other! From getting to know the equipment and the brands, to the theoretical knowledge of touring and avalanche awareness, to the practical exercises of comrade rescue and search for buried subjects, everything is offered that is important for relaxed and safe splitboarding.

3 packages, 3 days and 9 times as much as fun as you can imagine, thanks to our mountain guides the packages will be tailored to your personal splitboard needs.

Facing Covid-19 we will fullfill the mandatory regulations regarding the law. At the moment it is 3G (tested, vaccinated or recovered). A corresponding certificate has to be delivered by all the attendees.

Split & Relax Collage

We count on the following brands and keep you up to date: Amplid, Furberg, Burton, Jones, Karakoram, Spark R&D, Konvoi, Deeluxe, Rome SDS, Rossignol, Korua, Stompede...

Guided Tester Package: Price 289€ 

  • Testing the latest material
  • Guided tours with state-certified mountain guides
  • Safety theory and practice with mountain guides
  • splitboard gear presentation
  • Info about the latest material
  • Getting to know splitboard partners
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX Splitboard Camp and Testival

With the Guided Tester Package you get the full program. You do the practical avalanche search exercises with mountain guides and have the opportunity to ask everything you want to know on your tours. Our mountain guides will be happy to pass on your knowledge in order to make it easier for you to get started with splitboarding or to refresh your knowledge in practice.


Tester Package: Price 222€

  • Testing the latest material
  • Touring with like-minded people (area info, snow info comes from locals)
  • Safety theory and practice
  • splitboard gear presentation
  • Info about the latest material
  • Getting to know splitboard partners
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX Splitboard Testival

You have full access to the test pool 21-22, besides safety theory you can also make yourself fit for the season with practical AVI search exercises. During your talks with the Splitboard experts you will get to know the equipment. You will organize your tours on your own. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and snow conditions of the many touring possibilities in this beautiful area. Of course half board and overnight stay are also included and the fun of an event unique in Europe.


Split-Partner Package:  Preis 161€

  • Safety Theory
  • splitboard gear presentation
  • Info about the latest material
  • Getting to know splitboard partners
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX Splitboard Camp

Pack your own material, get to know like-minded people, organize yourself and go on fantastic tours in the area around the Hochkönig (no testing).

*Overnight stay in shared rooms (2 nights incl. half board).
Should you wish to stay in a single or double room, this is possible with all packages on request and for a small surcharge (limited offer - first come first serve).

Split & Relax ratings of the past 7 years (average of 470 ratings)

ParameterJudgement (Average)
Fun Factor1,4
Learning Experience1,6
Testboard Selection1,3
Recommendable to friends98% YES



Friday 04.02.2022:
16.00 p.m. Assembly of test equipment / Presentation of the history of splitboarding by Snowboardmuseum.at
19.30 p.m. avalanche theory course
21.00 p.m. Group formation for the tours and tour planning

Saturday 05.02.2022:
Free splitboarding all day long
8.00-10.00 a.m. AVI Training
10.00-14.00 a.m. Touring (Guided, self-directed, beginner)
15.00 p.m. Return of test material
16.00-18.00 p.m. Mounting Test material
19.00 p.m. Relax and tour planning
20.00 p.m. Multimedia lecture
21.00 p.m. Jam session - If you play instruments and feel like it, you are welcome to bring it with you!

Sunday 06.02.2022:
Free splitboarding all day long
8.00-10.00 p.m. AVI Training
10.00-14.00 p.m. Touring (Guided, self-directed, beginner)
15.00 p.m. Return of test material

*Changes in the program may occure due to different factors, covid-19, weather, number of participants,... 
But you can be sure that we will do our best to strengthen the incomparable character of this Splitboard Festival.

Information about the Hochkönig area can be found here, Hochkeilhaus. Tour suggestions and tips are waiting for you at the SPLIT & RELAX.
We will arrange the exact groups on site so that each participant gets the best group for him/her and has as much fun as possible at the event.

Please include your splitboard and tour experience with your registration. This information is very helpful for us to be able to form groups with the same level.

Registration is suspended. More info coming soon.