WE WANT SNOW -  SO SPLIT & RELAX will take place in MARCH 2018. Round #5 from 09th until 11th of  March everything is about Splitboarding at the LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG and this year finally with enough snow and great variety of touring options for beginners, advanced and experts.

There might be already some stuff from the season 17-18 available for testing. Again we have a multimedia presentation from the Bootsjungen Crew in our program, Who is ready for the Hochkönig, he Four Couloirs or the Schneek*** (secret)?

Of course, we are looking forward to see all those who want to get a first taste of splitboarding, to the usual suspects who have remained loyal to us despite the lack of snow and, also to the specialists who want to experience the Hochkönig high on snow. This year the fantastic mountain world around our Splitboard Camp at the Hochkönig awaits you to be discovered, climbed and ridden, really with enough snow. Tours for beginners, touring up to the Hochkönig himself, the legendary Snowk*** (secret) and many more can be done when the conditions are right. Get up your ass, inform your friends and come along to the probably most relaxed Splitboard Testival in 2018.

It's not only the informal get-together at the testival and while splitboard touring, there is also a lot to learn. From getting dialed in with the material, the theoretical knowledge of touring and avalanche awareness to practical exercises of rescue and burial.

As in the past years we have prepared 3 packages for you, which thanks to our mountain guides will be adapted exactly to your splitboarding needs.

Split & Relax Collage

We count with the following brands and keep you updated: Amplid, Furberg, Burton, Jones, Karakoram, Spark R&D, Pogo, Deeluxe, Rome SDS,...

Guided Tester Package: Price 269€

  • Testing of the brand new material
  • Guided touring with local mountain guides
  • Safety theorie and practice with mountain guides
  • Splitboard-Gear presentation
  • Info about the latest splitboard stuff
  • Meet & Great with like-minded splitboarders
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Lots of fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX


With the "Guided Tester Package" you get everything you can imagine from testing to knowledge transfer. You do practical AVI exercises with the mountain guides and you have the chance to ask everything you want to know while touring. Our guides like to share their knowledge and experience to ease up your entry into splitboarding or to updated your knowledge.


Tester Package: Price 199€

  • Testing of the brand new material
  • Touring with like-minded splitboarders
  • Safety theory and practice
  • Splitboard-Gear presentation
  • Info about the latest splitboard stuff
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Lots of fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX


You get access to our big pool of demo material and can enjoy the testing. Beside the safety theory you can participate at the AVI exercises and get to know the splitboard material, explained by experienced splitboarders. Everybody will have the chance to mount the hired material by him- or herself. You will organise your touring by yourself and on your own responsibility with support of locals and info material we are going to provide. You will be informed about the conditions the avalanche level and the great possibilities of the Hochkönig region. Sure the accommodation and half board is inclueded as well as the fun at this unique event.


Split-Partner Package:  Price 151€

  • Safety theory
  • Splitboard-Gear presentation
  • Info about the latest material
  • Getting to know splitboard partners or spit-buddies
  • Accommodation and half board*
  • Lots of fun at the unique SPLIT & RELAX


Get your stuff ready and enjoy this unique event to meet like-minded people, to exchange experiences and to learn about the latest splitboard material. Completely organize yourself and discover the touring region of Hochkönig on your own path (no testing).

*Accommodation in shared rooms (2 nights including half board).
If you wish accommodation in single or double room, please let us know. It is possible at an additional fee.

This was the judgement of the SPLIT & RELAX 2014 (average of 80 opinions)

ParameterJudgement (Average)
Fun Factor1,3
Learning Experience1,8
Testboard Selection1,3
Recommendable to friends99% YES



Friday, 09.03.2018:
16.00 mount the test material / presentation splitboarding-history by snowboardmuseum.com
19.30 avalanche theory course
21.00 building groups for the tours and tourplanning

Saturday, 10.03.2018:
Free splitboarding all day
8.00-10.00 avalanche training
10:00-14:00 touring (guided, beginner selfguided)
15.00 return test material
16-18.00 assembly test material
19.00 Relax and tourplanning
20.00 Multimedia presentation from the Bootsjungen Crew

Sunday, 11.03.2018:
Free splitboarding all day
8.00-10.00 avalanche training
10.00-14.00 (guided, beginner selfguided)
15.00 return test material

*the program can change depending to different factors like weather, number of attendees,...

But be sure we give our best to do an unforgettable event.

Info about the area you can find here LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG.

The group building will be done at the event, so everybody can find people of similar skills and get the most out of the event.

Please enter your splitboarding skills and level in the registration form. So we can build groups with similar levels.

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Level 1:
You are ready to ride off-piste, hike up to around 500 altimeters and want to get used to do splitboarding.
Level 2:
You have already been splitboarding, your riding skills are good and ready to split up around 800 altimeters and you already know kickturns.
Level 3:
You do splitboarding frequently, your riding skills are very good, you are ready to split up around 1200 altimeters and 4-5 hours hikes are no problem.
Level 4:
You are an ambitioned splitboarder, your riding is excellent you like it steep, up to 1500 altimeters and 6 hours or more on the way up are no problem.
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