Melancholically we look back to the SPLIT & RELAX #4! Compared to the previous years, 2016 again was an outstanding event, regarding the opinion of our guests and partners. Every day on the mountains is a good day - thanks to everybody who was part of it!

Again, almost no snow - f*** that cannot be true!
But this year we are much more relaxed, because now we are sure at the LIVINGROOM HOCHKOENIG you can always do something no matter if conditions are far from perfect. With to do something I am not talking about hanging out drinking beer, no I mean going splitboarding and preparing oneself for the upcoming season with avalanche safety in theory and practice - because that's what SPLIT & RELAX is about.

The attendees (lots of female attendees this year :-)) had been well mixed from all over Germany, Austria, the USA and UK. One splitboard fellow took an 18 hours ride from the UK to the Hochkoenig area by car. If this is not love & passion for the mountains and splitboarding, what else would you call it? The longest travel distance had our splitboarders from the US but they had been already here due to business reasons. 

After the first session of tech talk and mounting splitboards, as well as fingering out the cool SP-Gadgets for GoPro and smartphones we have had dinner and were looking forward to our perfectly fitting multimedia show about "Splitboarding and Freeriding from Kirgizstan to Tajikistan". If you want to know more about this 10 days travel option in February you can check out the link at the end of this article.

After that our evening had been sweetened with a sensual attraction. It was Ben's birthday and when he doesn`t built super beautiful, high-performance splitboards with lifetime repair service at Pogo, he organizes live bands at events as well. Thanks to him the Italian Rock 'n' Roll band "Beatdegeneration" rocked the Hochkeilhaus. At around Midnight the "One Man Band" had been grown up to a great jam session and we could share a great moment of passion, given by Dodo, one of the Plum Splitboards guys who ended up as a super tight grooving drummer, you never know until you see. Special thanks for that! If you are able to play an instrument or you want to carry your dance equipment just go for it and "Jamdaram" there will be a jam session on the SPLIT & RELAX program - if the feeling is right.

overview SPLIT & RELAX 2016

Saturday everybody started early and the day was filled up with action. Avy-training, rescue practice, touring, a snack on the summit or lunch at the hut, and time for a second mounting session. So there was not enough time for sauna, but maybe next time. Because mountain safety education plays an important role at  SPLIT & RELAX  as well, the guys from gave a densely packed lecture about avalanche safety. No-one has fallen from his chair and nobody started to snore - the lecture had been interesting and contained a bit more than the basics required for splitboarding. Thanks at this point!

Now being all together we started our raffle of lots of nice prizes sponsored by our partners, again a big thank you. Most of us went to bed early, tired of the new impressions and the whole day outdoors. The goal was to get up early and enjoy another day full of bliss. 

The usual suspects and some new faces gathered at the bar or outside to get some fresh air. As always, there is a lot to talk about; many conversations about the life in the mountains, the business with and without the snow, and the future of the winter sports industry characterize the evening. In view of these serious, partly existential matters, which go well beyond splitboarding, and because the one or other drink was consumed, we better turned to stories and memories of past seasons and forged plans for the upcoming winter. Because every day on the mountain is a good day.

We hope you just had as much fun as we had and we see you all back together the upcoming year for SPLIT & RELAX #5 as well.

Feel free to post whishes and comments below the article, feedback is always appreciated.


A big thank you to everyone that brought this years SPLIT & RELAX to life:

Peter Radacher, Hochkeilhaus

Peter Gamsjäger, our Headguide from Mühlbach

FM4, with news coverage

Beatdegeneration, from Italy

Chris Fuschlberger, Unique Splitboarding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan

And to you, you, and you.

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You will find an often mentioned article at the Split&Relax here: Splitboarding - How To Get Started In The Backcountry

Plans to postpone the SPLIT & RELAX to a later slot in the season have been stopped. We will continue the next event at one of the weekends before Christmas. What else is going on, what we and the splitboard community experience this winter, or new products we have tested, you can read in the journal at, on our Facebook page, Twitter, and on our Youtube channel.


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