19. December 2013    

The first Split & Relax Splitboard Testival is over and we got nice memories,... Lots of cool people, sun, crust, powder, firn, boards mounting, size adjustments, talking and touring.

First of all, thanks to everybody who attended the happening and made it an international event, with lots of fun and good vibes.

Split & Relax 2013 schön
Thank you

From Australia to Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria have been splitboarders present, which had a common goal: "Material testing, getting to know like-minded people, splitboarding and relax."

Split 6 Relax 2013 Material Check
Material Check

Upon arrival we check out the boards, select the material, register and exchange experiences. Once that's done we go for dinner and enjoy a roast pork with dumplings, of the excellent cuisine of the Hochkeilhaus at LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG.

Now it's time for a learning session, Peter from the Snowboard Museum and Hochkeilhaus, presents the evolution of  splitboarding, presents the different systems that are available in the market and Patrick (trained Snowboard Tour Leader of OEAV) made a presentation about safety management in the mountains.

Learning Session Split & Relax
Learning Session Split & Relax

The next morning 50 splitboard enthusiasts start to the avalanche training area to apply the theory in practice. With multiple burials, probing and digging we got warmed up for the touring sessions.

Split & Relax 2013 LVS Training
Split & Relax 2013 LVS Training

Now we go for splitboard touring, in different groups and on different routes we climb the Hochkeil, making a joint summit photo and then everyone can splitboard as much as he wants. The participants share the rental-splits with each other to get a better overview of the material.

Split & Relax 2013 Gipfel
Split & Relax 2013 summit

Now it is about riding - the snow was good.

Split & Relax Abfahrtsspaß
Split & Relax downhill fun

At 16:00 clock we are back, now it is time to relax, sunbathing, Radler drinking and talking about the joy of splitboarding, is on the non written program. Everybody takes a new board and gets prepared for the second day .

Split & Relaaax 2013
Split & Relaaax 2013

After dinner we sit together in cozy laps and talk until late into the night, also we don`t miss one or another liquor.

Split & Relax Abendrunde
Split & Relax cosy lab at the evening

On Sunday we meet early in the morning and do different tours at the beautiful area of Hochkeilhaus.
Split & Relax Südseite
Split & Relax south side

Conclusion: An incredibly casual event, with over 50 very splitboarders and some "splitboarding girls" that have been rewarded with great food, lots of fun, good snow and sunshine.

Special thanks go to Peter, who made it possible to do the event at his LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG.

Peter the mountain guide who helped us with words and deeds aside.

Patrick Ribis from Freeride Stubai Center for support.

Johnny Moral, who took many great photos.

Hias, for the photo of the week

and all others who have helped us to successfully realize the Split & Relax.


We thank the following companies for their support:

Hochkeilhaus, thanks for the easy processing, good food, the weather and the snow.

  • Kohla, thanks for the best skins on the market and the advertising material which you have provided.
  • Furberg and Völkl, thanks for the test boards and your employees, to assist us in the organization.
  • Völkl, thanks for the merchandising and the banner .
  • Rossignol, thanks for the test boards and the support with banners and beach flags
  • Burton, thanks for the large number of boards and bindings
  • Element Sports, thanks for the good combination of many Jones boards with Karakoram bindings.
  • Gnu and Lib Tech, Thanks for the support with boards and poles.
  • Rome, thanks for the support with boards, banners and stickers
  • Goodboards, thanks for the support with boards, banners and stickers
  • Splitsticks, thanks for providing your exceptional boards
  • Never Summer, thanks for the Prospector 167W in the test pool,
  • Venture: thanks for the Odin 160 in the test pool
  • Amplid: thanks for the Morning Split 163 in the test
  • Spark R & D, thanks for the support with bindings
  • SP United, thanks for the support with bindings
  • Blue Tomato, thanks for the Goodybags

We would be pleased if you can comment when you attended the event, thanks again to everybody who made the SPLIT & RELAX 2013 a big fun weekend.


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    18. December 2013 - 19:02 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Danke an alle (Patrick, Peter, etc.) für Organisation und Tourenführung.
    Fand es ein sehr gelungenes Event und wenn es eine Neuauflage wie versprochen geben sollte bin ich sicher wieder dabei!

    Großartige Testbretter sogar mit 2014/15ner Material! ...

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    19. December 2013 - 12:09 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Thanks guys for organising an event at such a high level. See you next year.

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    19. December 2013 - 6:42 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Da will ich beim nächsten Mal auch dabei sein!
    Das ganze muss relativ schlecht promotet gewesen sein, ich hab die letzten Monate soche Testivals gesucht und bin über dieses nicht gestolpert...
    Das ist sehr schade, da es mir wirklich ausgezeichnet vorkommt.
    Hoffentlich beim nächsten Mal! :-)

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    20. December 2013 - 9:17 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Great event ... hope to attend on the future ...

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    19. December 2013 - 8:03 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Hi Aaron,

    beim nächsten mal kannst gerne kommen, hälts die Augen und Ohren auf, dann wirst Du es finden!


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    11. January 2014 - 11:34 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    War ein super Wochenende!
    Riesige Auswahl an Splitboards und Bindungssystemen zum Testen, 30 cm Pulver (und das in dieser Saison!!) & Sonnenschein, super Touren, Lawinenkunde Auffrischung, gute Unterhaltung & nette Menschen - was will man mehr!?

    Daaaaanke fürs Organisieren! Ich freu mich schon aufs nächste Mal!