04. February 2016    

Who dosn`t have the dream to build his own splitboard? Not just splitting a board, but designing the whole shape. That`s not all, the shape is changeable until it is the perfect powder weapon.

I had been thinking a lot about my own powder shape and after i heard about the Amplid Blank Plank Project, it was clear that I will attain.

Finally the time has come, we meet at the Backyard Austria and have Pizza for dinner. Then Peter, the owner of Amplid Snowboards and German Snowboard legend, gives us an introduction of "how to build a snowboard". Mirko from the Project Sanchez, a Surfboard shaper from Barcelona, joined us and enriched the session with information about shaping Surfboards. So we are perfectly prepared to start our Blank Plank Shape Session at the next morning. We have a few drinks, the usual tech talk and fall asleep. The next morning we meet at the Backyard Austria`s kitchen to get ready for a day full of fun, learnings, sewing and sanding.

Now it is on. First of all we draw our shapes on a Din A4 paper, then we transfer it to the original size and mark it on the Blank Plank.

I like the idea beeing able to adjust the shape, so I try to keep as much of the Blank Plank as possible, because it is easier to cut off something than adding something to the Plank.

Alright, for me it is about shaping a Splitboard without edges. "Isn`t it bad for the way up" was one of my first thoughts. But on those days when I get out the PowPlank, there will be no need for edges. Reverse Sidecut? Would be cool, like a real Surfboard for Snow. Maybe to cool because in our area we have to cross some tracked sections or little mountain roads to reach the parking lot after touring. So the Plank must be rideable in not Pow-Conditions as well.

But anyway it must be good on the ascent, so it was clear. My Pow Split Plank will have a beautiful "Summit-Nose" and a kind of Fishtail at both Boardhalfs that the nose comes up easily and the float will be amazing.

Blank Plank 3er

Thought - drawn - done! Uff, not yet. I have to cut a beautiful virgin Plank, hopefully it will work out well. A bit nervous I take the circular saw to split the Plank in half at the first step. My puls goes up but after a few centimeters I become relaxed and the cut is beautiful and straight. The next step is the "Jigsaw masacre", here you can fuck up the Plank quite quickly or saw something which afterwards needs lots of time for planing and sanding. Well, for not beeing a carpenter I ended up with a more or less beautiful raw shape.

Now I take the plane to get in the sidecut. After a good "Plane-Session" one half is ready and now the challenge starts. Getting an equal boardhalf out of the other piece of Plank. I clamp the to pieces together and switch on the belt sander. Ngeee, Ngeee, Ngeee is the sound and the raw boardhalf is getting more and more similar to the first one. After a few hours it is done. My selfshaped Split Plank is ready, waiting for the Hooks and  the right conditions to be shredded. Actually it will not be shredded but it will give me a great feel of almost flying through the untouched white.

Infos about the ascent- and riding-performance will be updated as soon as I have tryed it. But anyway it is amazing to shape ones own Split Plank and everybody who is deeper into splitboarding should take the chance to do it!

Thanks to the Amplid Crew, Mirko from Project Sanchez, Jürgen and Chris from the Backyard Austria and all the people I got to know at this weekend. It is always a pleasure to meet new "Freak-Minded" people.

All Amplid Snow- and Splitboards are produced in Austria at maybe the most sustainable factory in the world.