22. May 2016    

Here you get the little recap of our Secret Splitfest 2016 - video included.

Why Secret Splitfest? Next season we will offer some Secret Splitfests for our registered and active users at our forum. The announcement will take place shortly before the event.

Just after the cancelation of our Splitboarding Springfest 2016 due to bad conditions, the winter came back and we got amazing Spring POW conditions.

As you know our motivation is unstoppable and we just informed a few people that we are going to do a Secret Splitboarding Session for a few days, making a little story out of it.

Finally we had been 4 splitboarders, which is a good group size for ambitioned mountaineering.
We met a the beautiful Stubai Valley as many times before, knowing that the huts are already closed but the winter rooms will be open.



In the morning we had to be quick to get a bed in the winter room, than we started again to get some turns in the fresh crystalline white.

Now it is evening and our “bed-reservation-strategy” turned out to be successful, so we had our beds and others had to sleep on the benches or at the table.

The crew at the hut had been really fun, some Belgians who carried scampies, salmon and lots of wine, some Tyrolean, a few Germans and so on. So we laught a lot and had some drops of this excellent wine.

The reward was amazing, lots of sun, Spring Pow, untouched rides, mountaineering … To keep it short. Just a great time with friends out in the backcountry. Also we took the chance to test two great POGO splitties. The test results will be published just before the next season.

Save the Date for our Split & Relax December 16th until the 18th 2016.