19. February 2019      

Thanks to all of you. From Sweden to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and Russia, everyone was there who loves splitboarding or wants to start an affair! Here is the gleaning. Sparkling eyes, wide grins and best test conditions for 100 participants. This time even 16 women - awesome!

It is Friday the 8.02.2019 - 6:30 o'clock, the alarm clock rings. Nothing special on a tour weekend when it starts from Munich. But this time there were two like-minded people from the USA who I had offered accommodation for one night after the ISPO and a lift to the SPLIT & RELAX. Dan and Matt from Spark R&D are in the house. After the first coffee we can all talk to each other while listening to American Skatepunk on the way to the Hochkönig. All topics are discussed, from differences between USA and Europe / Germany to politics to splitboarding and the snowboarding industry.

9:30 a.m. we are at the parking lot of the Arthurhaus, with lots of snow that makes your heart beat faster. Ike the third man from splitboarding.eu and the motorhome from Stranda Mats are already there. After a short organizational break we start splitboarding. Quickly we notice that this year there will be all snow conditions for testing beside the large amounts of snow. Frozen in the morning, powdery in the north, hard up in the south and firn in the lower sunny part of the descent.

Conditions Check mit Spark

Relaaaxed we walk in the direction of four gullies, but then we prefer to climb the unknown gully to the left of it. After about an hour of bootpacking our alarm clock rings and we have to go down to the SPLIT & RELAX. 14:00 Arrival of the companies. Another short chat with Jakob from Burton, who of course also looks at the conditions in advance like every year, and we drive down to the Hochkeilhaus. The parking lot at the Hochkeilhaus begins to fill up.

Martin the second man from splitboarding.eu and Anna our yoga teacher have been here for a while and have prepared everything for the check-in - also our energy portions of XENOFIT are ready - thank you very much for the generous support. The parking lot continues to fill up until everything around the house is finally parked. Meanwhile, however, there is already a lot of screwing, talking splitboard and the first groups get to know each other. Interested glances are also thrown at the Powsurfers of the brand Konvoi, who were there for the highly motivated ones to test!

Konvoi  - Korua - Salomon - Stranda

Alex and the team of Peter took care of us during dinner nicely, here the first thank you. With the obligatory 1,5 hours delay we continued with the "official" opening of the Split & Relax 2019. The lively interest in my (Patrick, splitboarding.eu) lecture on the highly exciting topic of risk management in splitboarding made me very happy.  Nobody fell asleep or started snoring. That was a good sign.

Risikomanagement beim Splitboarding

While some went to bed earlier to be fit again the next morning, it was quite late for a few others. Kyle from Karakoram had swung into the car especially for the SPLIT & RELAX and arrived from Switzerland at 3:00 am at the Hochkeilhaus.

Saturday 6:30. Anna's well-attended yoga session begins and the participants start the day relaaaxed. At 7:30 am it is time to meet with the mountain guides and discuss the situation. The groups, which have already been divided in advance according to level, will be handed over to the mountain guides. Then a good breakfast is served, the avalanche reports are distributed and off we go. The finest test conditions await us on this day. Everyone splits off to find exactly what they want to climb and ride.

Split and Relax Safety und Touring

The mountain guides do with their groups, according to the levels, the practical safety trainings and splitboarding exercises. The "Selfguided" participants will do what they want, splitboarding and powder riding. Between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. everyone will arrive back at the Hochkeilhaus and the new setups will be prepared to be tested on Sunday. 

After dinner, Aline Bock, former freeride world champion, presents her award-winning film "A land shaped by women", splitboarding and surfing in Iceland, which I warmly recommend to everyone. Thank you Aline!!

Split und Relax 2019

Unexpected and yet fitting Sergey from Bearpowdersurfer shows us one of his movies, which captivated the audience with exciting sequences from the Arctic Circle. Thanks again for the spontaneity, motivation and courage to show this film after Aline's masterpiece. Before everyone slowly disappeared again into the land of dreams, there was our raffle with many great prizes of the present companies.

Sunday, same time same place and again excellent conditions for everything that splitboarders like to do.

Split und Relax

Regarding our feeling and also based on the feedback forms, it was the best SPLIT & RELAX until now!

THANK YOU to all who made this Splitboarding Testival weekend possible, the companies, our participants, the guides and Peter as well as the crew of the Hochkeilhaus. 

The date for 2020 is already set. 07.-09.02.2020. We are looking forward to another legendary SPLIT & RELAX in the Hochkeilhaus and at the legendary Hochkönig - with you!

A big thank you goes also this year to Dennis, who took great photos out of pure motivation, THANK YOU!

And again a big THANK YOU to our sponsors and partners: XENOFIT, splitboards.eu, GARA and all present brands who sent their logo: