28. September 2013      

5 guys a motor home and some splitboards in the luggage, a snowboard trip through Canada.

It's mid-February, middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Hausi starts with his crew to Canada to ride fresh Champagne.

Before they started he got some good info from a "whistler local", whom he met previously at the university.

Check in Motorhome

Arrived in Vancouver, they did a short sightseeing and checked in into their motorized apartment. Once in Whistler, maybe the most famous ski resort in the world, they are really surprised by the crowds and the juicy price of 123 $ for a lift ticket. Nevertheless, they had two fun days at the resort and got warmed up for their further adentures, even when they didn`t get the dreamed-of Champagne.

Then it goes on from Sun Peaks passing Silver Star to Big White, where the boys unpack their splitboards and fresh up their skills participating in an avalanche training. (everyone should start his or her season like that, because this does not apply "time is money" but " time is life" and we all want many more years to enjoy the mountains and backcountry experience).

After adopting one half of the crew, the core group continues to Revelstoke, where 25 cm freshies are predicted. After a long ride in the motorhome, the guys got badly surprised. They met a group of alpine athletes with ignited airbags and frightened faces. Ufff, the alpine dangers had slammed and thus the crew from Hausi was again reminded Safety First instead of unleashed "Pow-Lust".


Danger of avalanches level 4 and difuse view, so the boys did some tree runs and the so-called "secret" North Bowl, where they could fly through the coveted Canada Pow. In some conversations with the locals they were told that it is not allowed to do splitboarding in Revelstoke itself, but only a few kilometers outside, along marked routes. "What's that, splitboarding prohibited!", then we go right away to Golden and Kicking Horse to check the situation. The snow conditions were anything but great, so after long discussions they head back to Whistler because there you can split. After countless hours on the road, the guys arrived at Whistler again, this time they used the "cheap" 55$ backcountry ticket to explore the "musical landscape" of the Whistler mountains.


Since the avalanche situation still had not relaxed with a strong 3, it was clear to avoid the steeper runs on the Blackcomp Glacier and go to the "Musical Bumps", where short but beautiful runs are available.

At the end they did a long tour towards Cowboy Ridge and then they had two days of wellness.

Conclusion: In Canada, there are good opportunities for splitboarding, but the snow conditions has to be right, as everywhere else in the mountains. Also it requires a larger planning effort, as there exist just a few homepages where tours are described as detailed as in our countries. From our side, a big thanks goes out to Hausi, for the great report and photos.