04. November 2014    

It is the 31st of October, the PIEPS Freeride Team comes together at the Stubai Glacier to join the annual Team-Meeting at best weather conditions. Beside the usual Team-Talk there is also AVY-Practice and lots of theorie-input on the program.

Gregor Krenn and Stephan Skrobar inform the team about all novelties regarding software updates, functionalities and of course about the PIEPS Jetforce Airbag Backpack.

We appreciate to share this brandnew information with you.

Pieps Producte


Novelties of PIEPS DSP Pro and PIEPS DSP Sport:

• Check Mode – after turning the device on to send mode, you have the possibility to enter the transceiver Check Mode, which will enable you to easily check the devices of your group for functionality and if the frequencies are in the normed range.

PIEPS DSP Pro only:
• Auto-Revert Search-to-Send – when you are in search mode and don’t move for 30 seconds, the device will start a visual countdown accompanied by an audio signal. after another 30 seconds, the switch back to send mode will occur, and a continuos audio signal will let the user know that their device is now back in send mode. although it is recommended to keep this function disabled and carry a PIEPS Backup instead, as this is the safest setup in case of a follow-up avalanche (the device might get ripped out of your hands in this case), it is still an improvement in safety.
Always keep your software up to date! To find out your current software version, just switch on your device and the software version number will be shown on screen.
All PIEPS Dealers are able to update the software version of your device, click here to find the one nearest to you.


Pieps Übung


The PIEPS Jetforce Airbag Backpack:

The PIEPS Jetforce is now ready for sale and has already won 2 important industry awards – the Fast Forward Award 2014 and the ISPO Award Gold 2014.
It will come in 2 different versions, the Tour Pro with 34 liters and the Tour Rider holding 24 liters.

The advantages of a PIEPS Jetforce over other systems are:
• continuos inflation of the Airbags during 3 minutes, ensuring an inflated Airbag even in the case of small tears in the material. after this period of time the Airbag will be automatically deflated, leaving a big hollow space filled with air in the snow.
• after an inflation, the Airbag can easily be repacked and is immediately ready for another deploy.
• the PIEPS Jetforce can be taken abord all planes, no permission is required.
• the battery of the PIEPS Jetforce can be reloaded easily at home and lasts at least for 4 deploys.

Pieps Jetforce Airbag Rucksack demo


It was a great day, big thank you to PIEPS!

Thanks to Stephanie for the article