09. October 2018    
The latest movie of Taylormade Film is about freedom, a feeling which sweetens life.

'One more Whisky for the road' hints I may possibly have spent an adequate amount of time driving on winding Alpine roads and polishing off a fair few bottles o’ whisky (obviously not at the same time). Well, you'd be right to think that. I should have called my short film 'the whisky trail instead'. This snowboarding season was all about change. New mountains, new van, new job, new adventures, and a new meaning of freedom. As exciting as it sounds, it wasn’t without its dramas.

 The European Alps were having their best season in years, amazing snow coverage everywhere, except Gstaad, the town where my new job was. This pretentious farmland town boasts itself on wealth, fashion and fur jackets. There's no real roots of snowboarding in this valley but if its Ferrari skis, moon boots and over-priced boutiques are your thing, then this resort is for you. Each to their own desires but Gstaad [My love] wasn't the place for me. On years gone by I guess I've been spoiled with what it is I've been looking for.  The high alpine glaciated resort of Saas Fee that had became home was definitely more appealing and just by chance they were having a real winter.
 In true Taylor fashion, something didn’t feel right, so I quit my job, said my good byes and moved on. I hopped in my van, hit the road and started chasing the snow.  Being on the open road gives you a great sense of freedom and having the luxury of pit-stopping with good friends along the way and shred with them the next day. Aaaaaaah freedom!

Ein Symbol der Freiheit

This winter was delivering record snowfalls, meaning the ski lift companies were continuously working hard around the clock. Endless controlled bombs were being released to ensure absolute safety. More often than not these bombs would trigger gigantic avalanches (as seen in the video) sometimes resulting in closed access roads for days at a time and tourists being stranded. In places the snow was over three maters tall. This was our reality and it was epic to witness. Snowmaggedon was in full swing.

When the snow finally settled and skies cleared, the cake was well and truly iced. The mountains looked majestic, more so than I can ever remember. It’s the first time in ten years I can remember riding one powder board all season and never been attacked by the lurking snow sharks. Every ski technicians dream. There’s nothing that makes me more happy than endless amounts of snow. It’s just so damn beautiful to watch friends rip a line down the mountain on their waxed up planks.  

Riding Hard

To splitboard and to capture film clip is a hybrid balance but it’s a process I'm enjoying learning. Packing a camera (safely) in your bag and having the right crew who are psyched to dedicate a little bit of time.  It’s a burning passion that’s continuously growing within me.

So it’s now time to reach for the whisky bottle and make a toast to "a splendid winter indeed and lets hope the next one is as equally epic".
Slainj va from Taylormade Film.

Thanks Richy for the movie. Keep up the good work and your passion!!!