22. December 2013      

Lyngen, with boat and splitboard in the paradise of touring. A trail of adventure, a touch of wildness, the variaty of the landscapes and a great crew made this trip a one of a kind experience.

We dont forget the first time. She beamed out from the background. She doesn`t shine with perfect beauty. Rather, it is her charm. The touch of adventure which surrounds her. We need to come closer, getting to know her.  She's a beauty - very special. Her story is cruel.  Tons of whale meat had been fished with her. Only a few years ago she underwent a life change. She got a facelift by a Norwegian top architec. THE VULCANA!

We are excited to spend the next 3 days in full luxury. Hot pot, panoramic shower, sauna, hammam and design cabin with Chef-Cook.


The captain receives us not only with his winning smile.  But also with a selection “catch of the day”, raw fish - flavored with lime juice , soy sauce and sea salt as the only seasoning. The most delicious sashimi , which can possibly be imagined.
We did everything right! The triumphant feeling accompanied us from leaving the port of Tromso. We leave the civilization behind.
The next three days we will cross the Lyngen Alps from north to south, while collecting as many new impressions, crossing wide snow fields, plow through steep gullies and always having the sea and our ship in front of us.

Lyngen Boat Trip

The Lyngen Alps are one of the northernmost regions of the Norwegian mainland. Some ship hours further towards the North Pole, there is only one other island called Bear Iceland and then Spitsbergen, behind it.
The scenery is amazing, hundreds of peaks and the waves just brakeing at their side. The contrast of maritime atmosphere framed by alpine environment keeps us… WOW. It´s like beeing in a movie and this feeling keeps on the whole trip.

Honestly? We are really lucky . We experience the region between the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf Stream at stunning blue sky. We get used to mild temperatures above the zero level.

Lyngen Eismeer

Enough enthusiasm. Get to work. Our first day in the "Arctic Wilderness" begins with the scraping noise of broken ice floes. We come on deck, the sun is reflecting in the ice.  We enjoy breakfast and get our touring equipment ready. 11 participants and the guides are waiting for the Zodiac transfer to get into the Norwegian snow. Everything works fine.  The first group is looking for the perfect landing on the mainland. Not so easy on the rocky coast.  Some got wet feet but then the path was paved for the following.

Lyngen Vorbereitung für den Landgang

With our snowboard boots we have a clear advantage regarding the skiers. With our splitties under the arm, we hop from the boat, balance over a few rocks and, Yes we touch the first Norwegian snow. Now the ascent begins.

Lyngen auf zum Tourenstart

The last snowfall is like 2 weeks ago. In between, there had been a little rain. Now the temperatures have decreased. It freezes at night, and the snow is getting firned up by the sun.  The snow is hard , but the avalanche situation seams relaxed. Regarding the absence of an official avalanche report we judge the conditions together with our local guide, in the Alpes we would have claimed a “2”.

Inexperienced in the area we have choosen our gear, Norrøna 's Gore Tex jacket , zipper open on the arms and gloves. We started skinning without crampones and relaxed mood, the terrain was quite easy. Improving our ascent techniques with every step. The Völkl Cashew Split equipped with the Voile Light Rail Binding made everything possible and we keep on skinning in a good mood.
400 meters later we realize our mistake.  The soft slope had changed to an icy track and we are faced with an inclined traverse. The jacket is trapping the heat, we sweat out our water supply. Stop! We can`t go on like that. We are looking for a safe place to change to the Lyngen Lightweight Down Jacket with Gore-Tex and mount the crampons. We are suppriesed that dismounting the binding and mounting the crampones was easy, thanks to the practice we did at home. Good stuff ! We are pleased to have chosen the right equipment. We reach the summit of Lyngestidanat early afternoon. Again, we can not believe our eyes. The creator  of this area has had a good day.

Lyngen Touring

Almost in trance we draw our lines. "To fast for trying new material” claimed some of our crew but we couldn`t get enough and just went as fast as possible. We don`t have a solid board under our feet, was my thought, but the edges hold properly and the rockered nose keeps us up at the surface of the snow. May it never end!

Lyngen vom Zodiak an Land

We spend the evening completly relaxed, eating Norwegian fish stew, joining the sauna sessions at the deck and having incredible views to the maritim-alpine scenery, zipping a beer while taking a bath at the 60° Hot Pot. At midnight we get a nice hint by our crew. WOW already that late - it's as bright as at daytime!

Lyngen ein guter wein an Board

Day 2: Same start as Day 1. Breakfast can come, mountain can come, downhill can come. We feel at home. On the beach there is a single house, the dog in front is running around like crazy and barking at us. Sorry for the inconvinience said the owner, but my dog is not used to sea other people. Also we are dressed provocatively with the bright colors of the Norrøna jackets.
The route to Store Kågtinden on the 1228 meter high Kågen is well known by Lyngen connoisseurs. Surprisingly we got into dense fog . The Visibility was reduced to zero within a few minutes. The front men left behind the stragglers small tracks. No one was lost. The discerning minds complained about the lack of prospects. But so what?  The weather is not be requested. Or maybe yes? We reach the summit and in a short time the fog was gone. Again fascinating views. We didn`t party at all but our eyes where filled up with tears due to the emotions - how we can be that lucky?

Lyngen Wetterspiele

Descent without words, evening without words, impressions without words – just completely stoked. Fortunately we still have one day left!

Vulkana takes us to, maybe the smallest fishing village in the world. A trip to Norway's past. There were times when the fishermen had to provide for the adequate gross national product of the country. Now they do it out of passion and tradition, well supported by the healthy welfare state. The richest fishing area in the world ensures the daily demand of tons of the finest goods.

Lyngen frischer Fisch

The last tour we chose close to the gates of Oldervik 's Tromso on Tromso fast country. A joyride compared to the previous two days.

Lyngen Freudentanz

Back in Tromso there was waiting the next group. Jealous? No! We? Never? .... We bleated a bit about our successors ... probably how they will treat our friend? They cannot be as good as we are ;-)...... and went to the hotel.
A big thank you to our great guests and colleagues, to the unbeatable friendly crew for safe navigation and the guide. Without you, we would only be half so happy! See you soon!

Lyngen zurück in die Zivilisation


  • Völkl Splitboard
  • Voile Tourenkit (Binding, Skins, Crampons)
  • Norrøna Gore Tex Pro Shell Jacket / Pants
  • Norrøna Lyngen Down Lightweight Jacket

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