14. October 2013    
The Kaunertal Opening is one of the biggest openings in Austria, so we showed up to meet some people and test some Splitboard Stuff. The conditions were amazing with 70 cm powder, sunshine and clear blue sky.

In addition to visiting our friends we also had the opportunity to do our First Impression Test with Xavier De Le Rue`s splitboard from Rossignol, but due to avalanche situation, we only checked it riding powder, off- and on-piste .

Kaunertal Opening

Kaunertal Opening Our First Impression of the Mag Tek Split: Due to the long nose and the hollow tail it has massive floatation. The relativel stiff adjustment of the board, like Xavier De Le Rue loves it, makes it stable in any conditions, on ice, on hard slopes and tracked backcountry, also it is very agile and running smoothly. Even at high speed there is just little vibration to notice. You can relay on that board at any conditions. Surprisingly was the low weight, you feel it when you take it in your hands.

Kaunertal Opening Riding

The other boards had already been tested by us here you get the First Impression Tests.

What else was interesting? Bataleon and Salomon have some solid snowboards which are prepared for splitting them. They have a kind of wood stringer in the center, it facilitates the sawing and increases the stability of the side walls after they have been split. Like that you can enter splitboarding on relatively low costs. However, you should not forget that those boards have no steel edges in the middle and thus leads to disadvantages on the rise. There do exist professional companies specialised in splitting your board and equip it with steel edges. So you can also get quite good performance by using a do -it-yourself split. If you have more interest in this topic, please give us feedback and we can write you a little article about the pros and cons of self-made splits, or better yet, you discuss by yourself about the issue and share your experiences with self made splitboards.

The LIVINGROOM Snowboard Museum of Hochkönig presented a selection of the most stylish and "most old school " boards, which give you a good smile in our time, so who is interested in the history of snowboarding, should have a look at the museum's collection of www.snowboardmuseum.at.

Kaunertal Opening KTO

The atmosphere at the KTO was very relaxed, the audience relatively young and motivated. The festival atmosphere was enhanced by many campers and the Kaunertal had planned with firewood and "Ghetto tons " to make it comfortable for their " camping guests ". The showers had been taken at the indoor swimming pool. The parties were less frequented than in 1996 , perhaps due to the heavy snow falls the days before. But the 1500 party guests on Friday and just as many on Saturday celebrated exuberantly and had lots of fun. The ski and snowboard films shown, for example the new Pirates Movie Distorted Reality impressed with massive jumps, exciting urban snowboarding and gnarly runs in the backcountry.

Kaunertal Opening Party

For all who want to get into the winter mood and test some material, the Kaunertal Opening is just right.