06. February 2014    
Never stop improving! The new Prime System is Karakoram's statement of their philosophy. At ISPO in Munich, Tyler explained us the novelties and advantages of this newly developed binding system that picks up and expands the strenghts of the established Split30.

If you hold the Prime in the hand for the first time, your eye is immediately catched by the coloured PowerLink lever at the heelcup. So the operation of the fixation is already clearly sorted out. The lever, which is more like a handle, ergonomically fits into the heelcup and should be easy to use even with gloves.
Also completely new designedd are the baseplate's fixation mechanism and the corresponding SolidRide platform on the board. Here, Karakoram builds on the strengths of their Active Joining Technology utilized in the Split30, and further improves it with 4 wide preloaded contacts for even more direct power transfer to the edges while further eliminating seam movement.

The Split 30 Prime weights around 750g and the interface around 680g so all in all it is around 2180g.

The video shows you the fast transition and change over and how the new FlipSpeed Risers with Lockdown look and operate.


If your binding gives you true solidboard feeling on your splitboard, then you'd probably like to use this binding on your solid boards, too. For this, Karakoram now has the Quiver Connector which you can easly screw to all your boards.

Check out how easy you can mount the new prime system:



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    6. February 2014 - 23:02 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Anyone testet this System in Aktion?

    I´m wondering if the heel-lock-down will lock you in Ski mode eaven if you dont want it to.


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      flitzfritz (not verified)
      8. February 2014 - 19:06 Log in or sign up to post comments.

      i think you have to lock it with this colored lever, at least in the video it looks like this.

      Usability looks well improved but I'm also looking forward to see if icing is still a matter.. and durability of course.  Can`t imagine that the baseplate lasts too long without damages if you really use the feature of keeping the binding on your foot while switching over. I mean, just step on a rock accidentally.. this is precise milled aluminium not a simple steel base plate like voilé.