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Kamchatka Heliskiing - everybody has heard about it but what about splitbard touring or splitboarding in Kamchatka. Here you get the info from our local frineds. Thanks to Splitboard Russia.


Kamchatka is a unique, untouched region. Many people would like to get here, and they are united by the idea of splitboarding and skiing.  The Kamchatka Territory has unlimited potential for splitboarding and skiing. That is the reason why we have chosen this direction for ourselves.  We were born (sh)ready in Kamchatka and snowboarding / splitboarding has become one of the most important part of our lives.  We love and know our land, every season brings us fresh ideas to discover new places and we use this fortune to become better in splitboarding.

We would like to tell you about some of our favorite splitboarding and skiing spots

One of our most favorite places for splitboarding is the Vilyuchinsky volcano: height - 2173 meters above sea level, coordinates (158 ° 16′44.4 ″ E (158.279000) 52 ° 42′14.04 ″ N (52.703900)).  This stratovolcano is located in the southeast of the peninsula, and it has the right cone shape.  So you have comfortable and safe ascent lines. The way up takes about five hours to reach the summit, depending on the level of physical fitness of the splitboarder or ski touring felllow. Being on top of this marvelous volcano you can see crazy landscapes and you can choose the descending roots freely by yourself.

Another great volcano that used to be a sleeping volcano and now is an active one is Koryaksky volcano: height - 3456 meters above sea level, coordinates (158 ° 41′9.6 ″ E (158,686000) 53 ° 18′42.12 ″ N (53,311700)).  The Koryaksky volcano is included in the list of our home volcanoes because it’s only 25 kilometers from Yelizovo town. The northern exposure of this volcano is always surprising in the presence of good winter snow, even in late spring.  The climbing takes about 8-10 hours and can be a serious challenge for the splitboarders and skiers who has decided to conquer its peak. When you start climbing Koryaksky volcano you may see unbelievable landscapes of the entire peninsula, including the Nalychevo Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to visit this area please take into account that Kamchatka’s climate is very changeable, that’s why we do not always splitboard volcanoes. Many times nature makes it difficult to access vulcanos so we have lots of different places in mind where to score great and safe ascents and downhills even in bad conditions. 

Vulkan in Kamtschatka

Malki.  One of the most visited places in Kamchatka with hot thermal water pools under the sky. The hot springs of Malki are located 100 kilometers from Yelizovo town. After an excellent day of splitboarding in the mountains near Malki, you can enjoy a unique scenery and the comfort of a hot bath in those natural pools - and relaaax. In one day you can do 3-4 descents on different terrains.  For example in mellow forest zones with easy ascents.  Decending in between beautiful trees you get great experiences of this region. You also have the opportunities to ride open faces or steep chutes to be pumped up with adrenaline.

Ganal peaks: (coordinates - 53.97239, 158.12589) is one of our favorite places in Kamchatka.  Due to their unaccessibility without technical means, the Ganal Peaks are are ideal for splitboarding and skiing in spring when frosts begin to low down. In addition to the places we have describe above, there are a many interesting destinations located nearby the towns of the Ganal Peaks with uncountable options for all kinds of ascents and descents. These easy accessible places near the town can bring you lots of positive emotions - and unforgettable days in the Kamtchatka region.

Zufahrt Ganalspitzen SKidooRinnerei GanalspitzenFlusslauf an den Ganalspitzen

In Malki, you can stay in a comfortable mini hotel or in a separate houses with a barbecue areas. There’s the base camp called “The North Legend” near Ganal Peaks. This place is located on the bank of  Bystraya river, that flows along the valley between the Ganal peaks and the Middle Range.  The base camp has everything you need for a comfortable stay for up to 15 persons.  Five separate hostel-type houses with showers and toilets.  This is a great option to relax after a challenging day of splitboarding and skiing in a warm and cozy atmosphere.  At the base camp you will also find a central house. Usually everybody meets up here to celebrate the meal, discuss the actions for the next day like tour planning or sightseeing. To finish a memorable day you have the chance to enjoy Russian banya and dinner. For all days of touring you can choos weather the snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles bring you to the starting point of your splitboarding daytrip.

We offer our guests a nice accommodation in a large house, when they arrive in the town. This house has absolutely everything for a comfortable stay for up to 20 guests.  Rooms with one, two, three or four beds.  Large living room with fireplace, breakfast bar, Russian billiard, armchairs, sofas and a large TV for watching videos that you have done during the day.  Also on the territory of the house there is an excellent Russian banya with a wonderful steam room. One part of the walls is decorated with bricks from Himalayan salt. The location of this house is so comfortable that you can get to any starting points of your routes easily, no matter if guided or selfguided.

Video Impressions Kamchatka:

Splitboarding has become an important part of our lives and we would love to share our passion, skills and experience with all people who would like to visit Kamchatka!

Regards your team Splitboard Russia.
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