25. January 2016    

The ISPO 2016 Highlights at one view, not just Splitboards but also boots, bindings and safety stuff - because Splitboarding is more than just Snowboards cutted in half.

On Sunday the 24th of January the madness started again, as every year. Early morning rushhour at the subway and off we go to the ISPO 2016 to check out the new material an meet friends from all over the world.

After the check-in we start at the Tailgate Alaska Booth because here we always find a lot about the upcoming splitboard stuff. Than we walk around, stop by at interesting booths talk,and talk and talk, and make our interviews. Have you seen something interesting? Yea, check this, have you seen that, what about those and those things. So the info is shared and boom it is 5 o'clock and the beer starts to flow.

What is new?

Most of the stuff we have already tested and reviewed but as always we found some cool and interesting new stuff. A hardboot which can be really interesting for splitboarders, 2 interesting Avalanche Backpacks, a new beacon, bindings and a few splitboards as well.

Here's Tyler from Karakoram with their new Connect bindung and some further improvements of their binding system.



We'll continue with the latest enhancements of the Plum binding system explained in detail by Christophe, the developer of this system. Easier handling and more stability was the goal.


Spark R&D polished their established bindings, so watch the video presentation to see what a Whammy bar is and to discover more of their other small novelties. Blaze updated.


But not only the bindings were developed further, some well know boards went a step further and were updated with the latest technology. Jones Snowboards for example is now able to use a new carbon technology in their production they were experimenting with since some years and can now use it for all their carbon boards. Jeremy was so kind to show us all the news and a new split as well, the Storm Chaser.


Another new splitboard with an extra shape and profile was presented by Elan. The new Wavestrider, a softer powder fish with camber under the feet and a rockered and stiffer nose.


The Völkl Untrac gets a new design and the Fastec Split Bindung gets new straps. With the Alright everything is alright and it starts unchanged into next the season.


Last year we didn't had G3 along, so we made it up this time. Let's have a look at their models Scapegoat and Blacksheep.


Borealis Snowboards from France tries to use eco-friendly materials. Viking und Arcane are their splitboards.

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